Is A Website Important Anymore?

It is a valid question to ask, especially now, in the age of social media, video blogs and various blogs, does the website still prove itself to be a vital component of the promotional machine? And, this is still a vital question now, especially as with the influx of small businesses being able to set up a Facebook page in an hour, and is relying on that to get more custom than a website. So, is a website still important, and is it something that we could all benefit from now?

The Importance Of A Website To Your Business Image

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Why Your Business Needs a Website

While you can set up a Facebook page, a Twitter page, and so forth, a website does a lot for your business image. It is the only way you can really have an overall control of your brand and ethos. As helpful as Facebook pages are, they are, in essence, very one-note, and are replete with various helpful tools, you still can benefit with a web page to promote your business properly.

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Is Your Website Winning or Losing Customers for You Right Now?

The great thing now with designing a website is that almost anybody can do it. And, while there are people who set up blogs using WordPress, there is another alternative people are using now, the Divi theme is one that lots of budding website builders are using because of the vast library of images and designs. So, not only is it easier to set up a website now, it’s still a key component of how you promote yourself. And, primarily, this is because of the control you have over your content…

The Context Of The Information

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Four Areas of Your Website You Need To Get Right

With pages like Facebook, you are running the risk of what your audience will associate with your content. So, while Facebook is used as a communication tool, there is still the opportunity to share videos and content, but this could mean that your business may pop up next to something completely unrelated to your business, such as a cat video!

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Is Your Website Doing The Business?

At least with your website, it’s an overall presentation of your brand. And, it’s important to remember that with a platform like Facebook, the data is a big discussion point. Facebook owns the data on your followers, not you.

The Website, A Part Of The Promotional Machine

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The Surprising Ways in Which You Can Use Your Company’s Website

In 2016, Buzzfeed unveiled Swarm, which was the format for advertisements that the ad campaigns ran across the social platforms, from Facebook to YouTube, to Instagram and so forth. This means that Buzzfeed ceased to be a traditional publisher of content, but rather a syndicate. But it’s important to remember that to get rid of a website in favor of social media means that although you are getting a better share of the market, the fact is that in relying on social media to do it rather than your own website, this means that while more people are aware of your brand, you don’t necessarily have the final say when it comes to having control over how it’s presented. This is why a website is a much better approach to promoting your company.

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There is a place for social media, but it is as part of a promotional campaign. Much like videos or podcasts, it works as a piece of the overall puzzle. This is why you need to keep your website.

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