Stretching Your Marketing Fund as Far as It Will Go

Marketing is of great importance to every business — without it, there is no custom or subsequently any profit made. And, because it is of such importance, the fund that, well, funds it needs to be as big and as affluent as possible. Or, as a compromise, if the marketing fund is not big, then it needs to be stretched as far as it can go. And any business can stretch their marketing fund, even yours. For advice on how to do so, make sure to read on.

Give precedence to your ideal customers and target audience

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Simply, if your marketing campaign is going to be a success it must resonate with your ideal customer and target audience. If it doesn’t, then it stands absolutely no chance of attracting any type of customer or audience, whether they are ideal and target or not. And then if that were to happen the money you would have spent on your campaign would have been a complete and utter waste.

So, you need to cater your marketing campaigns to your ideals and your targets, and to do this you need to do a number of different things. One thing that you need to find out where your target audience is likely to spend most of its time, both online and in the real world. For instance, this means finding out where the majority of your target audience work or study and this means finding out what social media site they are most likely to use most frequently. Once you were to obtain this information, you would then have to start putting marketing campaigns and advertisement in their area for them clearly to see. Reaching your target customer in this way is a surefire way to both reach them and build and give precedence to your marketing campaigns at the same time, meaning even the passer-by audience is likely to get wind of it in some form or another.

Take online platforms into deep consideration

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The need to take the point of picking a specific social media site to advertise on in order to give yourself a better chance of reaching your target audience is very important; you simply must take online platforms into DEEP consideration.

When doing this, first of all you should know that when it comes to social media marketing, or just online marketing in general, a ‘one size fits all’ approach cannot be taken. This kind of approach cannot be taken because all social media sites and other websites that can be used as marketing mediums are different. They are different because of their layout and logistics. They are different because of the type of audience that they attract. And they are different in the way they are used.

Something else that you should note is that your business will be better suited to specific sites more so than others. For instance, if your business prides itself on being very open and approachable and having a good rapport with its customers, then you should be directing all of its online marketing campaigns to Twitter. You should do so because this site allows for everybody to contact anybody (as long as personal privacy settings don’t hinder anybody from doing so) with ease. What’s more, the timeline found on Twitter will make your posts far easier to find and you could even get away with posting onto this timeline frequently without becoming too annoying. If you were to try any of these things on Facebook, however, your marketing campaigns would probably be met by annoyance and maybe even backlash.

Use the Internet in more ways than one

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But, you shouldn’t just use social media sites to market your business. No, you should be delving deeper into the crevices of Internet and utilising all four corners of it. You should be doing this because, in this day and age, the Internet is the best and cheapest way to market your business. What makes it the best is that it can allow your business to reach the world with its campaigns if it wants to it. It is the cheapest because broadband, WiFi and general Internet costs never really break the bank.

One way that you can use the Internet to market your business it to get yourself blogging. Yes, by dabbling in a bit of blogging your business will be able to reach both its target audience and casual Internet users that are either interested in your market or just blogging in general and your business will be able to show itself to be knowledgeable in its market by offering information about it. When it comes to blogging, however, just make sure that you are not just uploading blog pieces and letting them sit there awaiting an audience. No, you need to drive the audience to them by promoting your blog on your other sites, such as your actual company website and your social media handles. And, you need to drive an audience, and subsequently Internet traffic to your blog by only ever using long-tail keywords in your blog posts. When you do this your blog won’t be accused of ‘keyword stuffing by search engine sites such as Google, and will therefore be promoted upon it.

Pay attention to the time of the day (and night)

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If you want to be a smart marketer and advertiser, then you need to paying attention to the times that you release your marketing campaigns out into the world. More to the point, you should both know and work around the times of the day and night that are most likely to evoke a response from your target audience. For instance, if you were a smart marketer you wouldn’t advertise something that is typically work related, such as office appliances, on the weekend. Instead, you’d market things that are deemed to be fun and are therefore more likely to draw weekend-loving workers towards buying your product.

When you begin paying attention to the times in which your marketing campaigns and advertisements enter the world you are far more likely to drum up business for your business. What’s more, by releasing a campaign at the wrong time you stand yourself and your business in good stead to not only lose out on potential profits, but to waste the money you already have in your marketing fund as well.

Work to both short and long term success

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If a marketing campaign is to be successful, it needs to be both successful today and tomorrow. Specifically, it needs to draw in instant custom and it needs to continue to bring in this custom well into the future, too. Campaigns need to induce short term custom because of the simple fact that this can help to recoup any money spent on the marketing campaign in the first place, which can then mean that there is more potential for more money to be put into the campaign at a later date. And, they need to induce long term custom because this is what helps to maintain profit and that all-important cash flow for months to come.

When it comes to focusing on garnering short term success, something that you should be investing in is Pay-Per-Click Marketing. By doing this, and doing so with a professional in the field, such as Falcon Digital Marketing PPC Management, by your side your potential for optimising your short term marketing success is untapped. This is because it will allow all of your online marketing campaigns to land directly at the feet (or, more to the point, on the screens) of whoever it is you want to see your campaigns. What’s more, when this happens it will be completely natural which in turn means your campaigns won’t seem forced or deliberate.

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And, when it comes to focusing on the long term you should make sure you are constantly keeping a track of how your marketing campaigns are doing and the types of responses they are evoking. You should do this because when you lose a track of what is happening with your campaigns you make yourself far less likely to see where you are losing out or in fact what you are wasting money on. For instance, if you were to run a specific campaign in a specific geographical area but not garner any custom for doing so, and if you were to not know this was the case, you would more than likely waste a whole load of cash. So, what you should do is ensure that you and your business are regularly conducting marketing audits to allow you to see where you are spending your money, how much money you are spending and to what result this expenditure is creating.

The way your business markets itself is the defining factor in it getting custom, and it losing it. So, make sure you are marketing your business correctly, and make sure your marketing fund is allowing you the chance to do this at all times by stretching it at all times.

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