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Let’s Get Smart: Top Tips To Boost Your Internet Sales

So much is done online these days. You’re reading these words through some form of online device, perhaps your smartphone or tablet. We do our shopping online, such as groceries and food. We research items to buy, we read the news and keep up with current affairs and some people find cat videos funny on YouTube. The point I am trying to make is that so much is done on the internet these days that more businesses are now wanting to capitalise on this huge market potential. Even the smaller businesses out there are opting to be solely digital as find that the revenue generated is more than enough.

However, what all businesses would like is more sales, pings and notifications to say that business is being done, am I right? So how can you do this organically through the internet? After all, there are literally millions of websites out there, perhaps with a good percentage of them being your direct competition. How do you stand out? This is where I thought I would share with you some of the top tips that could help boost your internet sales.

Make sure your website pages don’t have a dead end

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Do you know what it is to have a website page that has a dead end? This is when your customer who is browsing your website has not further calls to action to make or directions to go, which subsequently could mean that they click the “x” on the screen and leave your website failing to make that all-important order. Instead, try and ensure that you have other aspects of which your customer can click. For example, on a checkout page you may want to add items at the side that they “might be interest in” or at least add some form of call to action like subscription to a newsletter or offers.

Are you clearly visible through search engines?

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It’s time to get serious, and because there are possibly hundreds or thousands of websites offering similar services and products to you, then it’s time to ensure that you are seen through search engines. If you think about it, so many people take to websites like Google to search out for things, and then tend to go with the first few results that match what they are looking for. This is when SEO could help you become visible and rank higher in those search results. It’s all about keywords and ensuring that your content is linked back to your site credibly. There are many articles online and books you can read about search engine optimisation but if you are even unsure then in this case it might be worth asking the professionals/

Let’s talk about cross-selling for a moment

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Of course, you are always forever grateful for each and every sale made into your business, especially if you find yourself being a smaller operation. It is true what they say that someone does one of those “happy dances” when you buy from a small business, but could you be doing more? This is when cross-selling could help you to identify your customer needs and increase your sales potential. So for example, you may find that someone has purchased something, but you know that many customers would benefit from another product and service of yours that perhaps works well with the one in the basket. This is when suggesting it on a page could entice a customer to agree with your suggestion and to therefore, buy something else and increase your sales potential.

Build your reputation and then promote it

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Your Business’ Brand is Everything Your Customers See

Many people value a business based on the reputation. There is a saying that “reputation is everything” and online, where the competition is fierce, to have a good reputation could be to your advantage. At first, you have to build your reputation so this may take a little work initially. Using feedback websites enables you to gain feedback and ratings from existing customers, which could then help you to display that on your website as being a trusted seller, or a trusted company. Platforms like eBay do this all the time to the general public who sell, the more positive feedback they get, the better reputation they have and ultimately this can be the difference between someone buying from someone or not.  

Reviews can make or break your products

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Just like you need to build your own reputation, you also need to consider the reputation of the products and services and this again means that gaining reviews and feedback could be a vital element to the sales pitch. For example, you have a choice between product A and product B, you’re torn between the two, product A is on one site and product B is on another. Product A seems more in tune with what you want but Product B has plenty of good reviews in which Product A has none. I hope you are still with me. It doesn’t mean that Product A is bad, it means that there isn’t any grounding evidence to support or fill a potential customer with confidence. In most cases, in this scenario customer buy product B. Display reviews and let real customers sell your products for you.

Do you know your customers?

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How well do you really know your customers? Do you know the demographics of your ideal customer, the location in which they are, the age range and gender? This can all be vital information to help with your marketing and advertising campaigns as well as enabling you to fixate some of your website to your desired customer. This type of research and analysing of your website can also indicate if there are certain aspects of your site that could need work. Is there a reason why that cart has remained empty, or that particular sale wasn’t completed? Find the answers to these questions to improve your website performance.

Take a long hard look at your sales pages

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Getting your customer to your website is part of the problem, but once this has been achieved what next? How can you get them to click on the product and add to the basket, and subsequently complete the sale? This is when you need to really analyse your sales pages and ensure that you have all the necessary information on display. From feedback and reviews to exact product descriptions these are all going to be deciding factors on whether a customer clicks to buy or comes away from your website entirely. Could you display delivery information more clearly? Do you have alternative options from your website available? Does it show that the product is in stock or if a service can be carried out within a particular time frame? Analysing this page from a customer perspective will hopefully iron out any potential reasons as to why someone wouldn’t complete the sale. Of course, you will find that some will not buy, but ironing out any reasons to do with your business will minimise this risk.

Test out your website vigorously and consistently

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Finally, it is vital that you test out your website vigorously and consistently from a customer point of view. This is when hiring website testers and also conducting focus groups with ideal customer types could help you highlight any areas that still need improving. Furthermore, ensure that your website is actively promoted on social media platforms to ensure that you are obtaining the ideal amount of coverage available.

I hope these tips help you to boost your internet sales.

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