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Time Travel Destinations Animated Posters

We live in troubled times. If our world seems more divided than ever, with folk refusing to show respect for each other’s rights and opinions, we also face monumental shifts on a broader scale: changing borders, climate chaos, new generations with fresh ideas and technologies. It can be tough to remain both vigilant and respectful when, for better or for worse, things feel so unstable.

There’s never been a better moment to travel through time

Sometimes we just need to escape. The universe has been and always will be a crazy place, packed with as much beauty as it is uncertainty. So how about warming up with an escapist trot through the bewildering past and future of our incredible world? Imagine if you could walk into your local travel agency and book a fortnight in the Jurassic Period! 150 million years ago, North America was rife with the kind of giant lizard heroes and villains we recognize from the famous Stephen Spielberg movie. You could go on the most amazing safari known to humankind without even having to board a plane!

A more recent epoch would provide you with some more exotic scenery: the ice age only thawed twenty millennia or so ago. Imagine how it would be to ski alongside woolly mammoths and dine on the flesh of the saber-toothed tiger. That’s what we call off-piste!

Or how about a trip through time and space? The optimists among us hope that space colonization may only be decades away. It will be a great chance to give our groaning planet a rest, and try to live more responsibly in the stars – perhaps on Europa, Jupiter’s sixth-closest moon. They say it is a good fit for human needs.

So take a moment away from the anger and disputes of the present day world to peruse these amazing new travel posters, dreamt up to imagine what it would be like to wander into a travel agency in the age of time-travel. Start saving now – we don’t know when that tech might land!






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    They are wonderful illustration! This article makes me adventurous. It’s seem like I really went back to the ancient time for a moment.

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