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Can Your Blog Become Your Business?

When you first start a blog, it is usually for fun and it is a great way for you to express your thoughts and your feelings through a great medium. Blogging is a wonderful hobby for you to have and it is one which is incredibly creative and can open the door for a new career. But how can you make your blog into a business?

Learn SEO

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Get Your Online Marketing Train On The Right Track

Search engine optimisation is a scary phrase to people who are starting out in the blogging world but it is actually a really simple concept to use to your advantage. When people search a keyword in a search bar such as ‘restaurant near me’, the most relevant searches rank highest. You can control your ranking on search engines by bringing keywords into your content and into your CMS. If you are able to add as many keywords as you can, you will rank higher on the search engine and be more likely to be seen by other people. More views means more exposure which can lead to money being made.

Create awesome content

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Always take the time to make great content when you are working on your website. Your blog is a blank canvas and you have the ability to be the artist and create something amazing out of it all. Have fun with your content, make jokes and take your own photographs. When you have good content you will be noticed by other bloggers and brands, and you can be offered free products or money in return for an article of review.

Advertise everywhere

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When you are a blogger you will get most of your revenue through ads. If you are able to host advertising on your website you are likely to make money through clicks to the sites advertised. If you want to advertise yourself, you can advertise on a mobile ad network, on social media sites and also through other people’s blogs. There are so many ways to get your name out there and start making money through other people’s content.

Use links,links and more links

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How To Target Your Markets!

Adding your link to another blog is a great way to get people to visit your website and spend time on there. The same applies the other way round and you can be paid for adding a link to your website which leads to your client. If you get an email which asks you to write and article and embed a link, make sure you charge money for it because this is where you can make some serious bucks. Links are like a little bread trail which leads you back to a candy house, so get those links out there far and wide!

Be consistent

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Consistent posting and promotion is the best way to start making money through blogging because it allows you to get more followers and grab the attention of larger brands out there. You will soon be being sent PR packages from all sorts of brands and this can allow you to start really making a success of yourself as a content creator for the future.

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