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5 Reasons Intranet Apps Matter Now More Than Ever

And Why Your Company Needs One?

Intranets have been around in one shape or form for decades. If you are looking to introduce a powerful internal unification platform for your company, intranets are the way to go. But, are they worth it, given that some of them struggle from aging content, lack of popularity among employees, and clunky interfaces? 

The short answer is: Yes, they are worth it. The intranet has entered a new era in recent years that promises to battle the bugs of the past. Also known as an interactive intranet, this next-generation platform fuses modern social networking technology and communication to provide the ultimate solution to integrated virtual work platforms.

So, why do intranet apps matter now more than ever? Here are the top 5 reasons! 

#1 Get Everyone on the Same Page

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For businesses with a large number of frontline employees who are always out in the field, it may be difficult to keep a constant flow of communication, share updates as they come, give priority alerts, and make announcements. With an interactive intranet, you can include your employees in the conversation by sharing information directly into their feeds. That way, everyone is on the same page at all times.

Are you planning a corporate event next month? Great! The intranet is the place to let your employees in on the details, give them teasers, and spike their excitement. The platform is about more than work-related news. Imagine the opportunities you have to boost employee morale.

#2 Employee Engagement

When done well, internal company platforms foster employee engagement. In fact, Gallup has studied that engagement is directly linked to profits. The most engaged companies, on average, have 4 times more earnings-per-share growth compared to their competitors.

It is no secret that HR departments’ greatest challenges in recent years have been employee disengagement. Your intranet app can be the heart of your company culture, where employees from all departments can come together. It is the hub of networking and collaboration, communicating news, getting feedback and recognition, on-the-job learning, and feeling a part of something bigger. It is a genuine desire we all have, and intranets provide it to us.

#3 Better, Frictionless Communication

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Interactive intranets power fast and frictionless communication between people, teams, groups, departments, and even collaboration with external contractors and agencies. Internal platforms enable you to keep all important information, content, and resources in one place that is available to anyone whenever they need it. Many companies nowadays suffer the aftermath of fragmenting their work processes and creating silos that put a spoke in their wheels. Instead of incorporating several limited-purpose tools, the intranet is the space to accommodate them all.

#4 Keep Track of Intellectual Capital

You may not realize it, but one of your greatest investments as a business owner is the “intellectual capital” of your workforce — that covers the collective know-how of employees, ideas, practices, inventions, and more. However, if you do not have a way of saving that intellectual capital, these assets will forever be lost. 

Intranets serve as a living library where you can store corporate memory, so no idea discovery, insight, and innovation gets lost in the process. That collective knowledge will then be easily searchable, usable, re-usable, and visible to everyone.

#5 The Natural Extension to Your HR and IT Departments

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Think about your own HR and IT departments for a second. Do they spend at least half of their day helping people, answering the same question over and over again, just to different people? Can you see what a waste of resources that is? You can use your intranet to set up a virtual help desk that will help you filter mundane inquiries from more comprehensive questions that require actual assistance. You will eliminate such inefficiency and headaches through self-service resources like FAQs, videos, how-to-docs, peer support, and you name it. The result will be faster, more efficient work processes.

Each of these reasons is enough to make you consider intranet apps. But, put them together, and your choice is clear. Remember, these are only the top five, but there are many others, too! Blink is an all-encompassing intranet solution to internal corporate communication issues and frustrations. It is where data meets people and vice versa. You can request a demo today.

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