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Capturing The Capsule Demographic: Marketing The Health Industry Effectively

The health industry is booming, and with the obesity epidemic, it’s very easy to see why! Because there are so many problems associated with being overweight that we start to look at capturing this demographic, as well as the health-conscious consumer, and are always looking for ways to work smart rather than hard in terms of health and fitness, we’ve got to figure out the right ways to market to them. When we are running a health-oriented business, in one respect, there is so much competition out there. But on the other hand, is it to do with marketing a specific niche? There are so many approaches to exercise, and methods of wellness, that the health industry has so many different components to promote. What can you do to ensure your business captures the capsule demographic?

Keeping Up With The Latest Trends

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The fascination with technology has spread far and wide, not just in terms of smartphones, but it has already spilled over into the fitness industry. Apple Watches and Fitbits are tools that we all use on a regular basis now. But keeping up with the trends in terms of technology is one thing; keeping up in terms of sheer businesslike approaches to the fitness and health-oriented markets is another. It’s always worth scouring the trade publications, keeping your ear to the ground for the latest developments in terms of the latest diet that proves popular, but also, where your business can go to capture a certain unattended market. There are resources like Breakthrough PT Marketing who provides various resources on physical therapists, and this is one aspect of the health industry that is witnessing a boom because of people’s needs to get fit. With getting fit comes various physical ailments. Conversely, getting old comes with various physical ailments. It’s an avenue that caters to so many different components of health and wellness. This is what you need to think about when building up a business in this sector.

Marketing Fitness As A Fashion Trend

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Fitness is not just about a quick visit to the gym, it’s a whole movement! Look at the social aspects of people that head to the gym, participate in pilates or yoga classes, as well as people who train for marathons. For people that are undertaking marathons and other arduous courses like Iron Man or Tough Mudder, it’s a way of life. People are looking to break their records, but the fitness aspect is only one component. The very fact that so many people are now running marathons, that providing fitness equipment, as well as clothes and sneakers, are all things that can give you an entryway into the fitness industry. It is a very popular thing. And in the run-up to Christmas, it does seem to take a dip, but then, come January, when people start to make their own New Year’s resolutions, it peaks again! Fitness is fashionable.

The Podcast Industry As A Promotional Tool

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Marketing is is everything and now, in this health-conscious world, there are so many different components of being healthy, that we don’t know where to look anymore. But one area that covers so many bases is the podcast industry. When you start to break down the components of keeping fit and healthy, there are so many dietary approaches, biohacking, as well as podcasts that focus exclusively on keeping fit, there are so many ways to break into the health industry. Look at the Bulletproof Radio podcast by Dave Asprey. His background was in Silicon Valley, but then made the entrepreneurial leap and used his savvy to promote Bulletproof Coffee. But this idea of putting butter in your coffee, 5 years ago it would have been looked upon with a little disgust. Now, with the focus on healthy fats, it’s become a way of life for many. And you only have to look at this podcast; the guests are a collection of the greatest minds in their field, and have a product to sell, that you would be hard-pressed to find a better way to promote a business in health and wellness that would gain so much of a following so quickly. It’s not just the Bulletproof podcast, but there are also podcasts that focus on self-improvement, which spills into the health industry. Being healthy is a way of life, and this is how many podcasters, like Tim Ferriss, go to the top of the New York Times Bestseller lists with their books, and are making a killing in the podcast industry.

Health Is Appealing To The Customer’s Need For Longevity

Healthy is a lifestyle choice. You only have to look at the various documentaries on Netflix that support the “one true way” of being healthy. There are so many vegan documentaries, ketogenic diet documentaries, as well as health and fitness documentaries that focus on CrossFit, that all of these things that appeal to our innate need to be around as long as possible. You could argue that we have an unhealthy obsession with health. And the ultimate rule of marketing and advertising is to appeal to the customer’s emotions. There is no better way of appealing to a customer than by promoting a product as a key to a healthy life. But now, we are all amateur biohackers. We all want to know where our products come from, and in one respect, people’s distaste for processed products feeds into our need to live longer. The health industry, and specifically the medical industry, have focused on supplements and pills. But now it’s a lifestyle choice that is a better way to promote a product. This is why something like the Bulletproof Diet has done so well, because it’s a diet that you can take inspiration from, not necessarily follow to the letter.

Tackling The Health Obsessives

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There are numerous blogs that people follow when it comes to things like intermittent fasting or plant-based diets, so there is a market purely in appealing to those health obsessives, those people that go to the gym 7-days a week, and eat cleanly. And clean eating is one of those areas that feed into our need for more organic products. The health-obsessed people are always looking for a way to fine-tune. This is why so many dietary plans do so well. With something like Slimming World, they give you the plan, and you just have to follow it. The health obsessives are forever thinking about calories. What we want to do is make them feel that they are living a better life for being healthier. But the solution in marketing components of the health industry effectively is to eradicate this obsession with health. As soon as someone finds the right product or lifestyle, and they are seeing results, this can be the key. And this is why, possibly, promoting a lifestyle choice rather than a project is the best method regards right now.

Marketing the health industry isn’t just about taking your pills, but it’s about following a lifestyle choice that makes the individual feel better. Marketing means that we can appeal to their inherent need for longevity but we also need to find the right avenue. The podcast industry, the various blogs online, as well as looking at the fashionable aspect of keeping fit means that we end up promoting a brand that is going to add meaning to someone’s life. This is crucial. Customers aren’t going to buy a product over a long period of time unless they see results. So if you are looking to market a healthy business, tackle it from a lifestyle point of view.

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