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The Importance of Going for SEO Service Audits for Your London Based Business Site

SEO is all about paying attention to hundreds of ranking signals and making adjustments to your strategy to ensure you get your site keep moving up the search engine rankings ladder. However, sometimes, you think you’re taking the right steps to optimize your site but it still fails to perform as efficiently as you would like, and that is exactly when you would benefit from having an SEO audit performed by a professional SEO company.

Here are some reasons why SEO audits are important:

It Tells You about On-Page Elements

The Importance of Going for SEO Audits for Your Business Site 2
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On-page SEO is important, and an audit would help confirm that all elements are in harmony and working towards achieving one goal – that is, help you occupy the top position on search engine results pages. Understand that everything on your website – from its overall look and titles to navigation, tags, and use of keywords – can have a direct impact on your search engine rankings. Through an SEO audit, you can have each page on your site checked properly to ensure that nothing falls behind or looks outdated considering the latest Google algorithm updates.

It Offers an Overview of Your Website Traffic

The Importance of Going for SEO Audits for Your Business Site 3
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Who is visiting your site and when will help you tweak your strategy to get better results, and an SEO audit performed by a reputable SEO company like ClickSlice will provide complete details in this regard. You can always use Google Analytics to get a better idea about your search volume and rankings, but a professional company will perform an in-depth analysis when offering an auditing service. This is especially important when your site seems to be losing organic traffic visits and you cannot pinpoint an area that needs changing.

It Helps Identify Problem Links

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Your SEO will suffer if you have lots of links on your site but most of them are broken. Keep in mind that not cleaning and fixing broken pages and links can directly affect user’s experience – it can be frustrating to click on a link and land nowhere. During an SEO audit, your selected company would scan all your pages for broken links. This will ensure that people visiting your site don’t end up going to dead-end pages. Checking your links regularly is important because both internal and external links can change over time.

The Importance of Going for SEO Audits for Your Business Site 1
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The fact of the matter is that an SEO audit will provide you with ample details about areas for improvement. It certainly helps to plow through those suggestions quickly, but you will benefit a lot by prioritizing tasks and tackling technical SEO first instead of going for usability issues. If your site is not performing well, it is more important to resolve crawling and indexing issues first and then move to usability problems, like implementing structured data markup. Similarly, you may have to optimize your landing pages first if you notice a high bounce rate after an initial SEO audit.  The best thing is to work with a professional SEO agency that offers a free SEO audit and then helps take steps to improve your rankings in a natural and organic way.




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