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5 Ways That QR Codes Can Benefit Your Company

What is a QR Code?

5 Ways That QR Codes Can Benefit Your Company 7
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QR or ‘quick response’ codes are scannable barcodes that allow users to access a particular feature, for example, fast checkout, product information, or website access. QR codes contain data for a tracker or identifier which then takes the user to an appropriate application.These codes use various encoding modes such as alphanumeric and binary. There are many benefits to access via incorporating QR codes into your business strategies.

Improve your marketing

5 Ways That QR Codes Can Benefit Your Company 3
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QR codes are an excellent way to supercharge your marketing strategy. You can customize and connect these codes to various types of information; you might use them to share video files, encourage social media engagement, collect consumer feedback, or link extra information with product packaging. QR codes allow your customers to receive a special service or useful info in a unique way. Nike’s flagship store in NY uses QR codes to allow users to skip the queues using an instant checkout feature.

Useful analytics

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As well as application-specific info, QR codes also contain valuable analytical info in the form of tracking metrics. These metrics include time scanned, location, operating device, and the number of scans in total. Using this data, you’ll gain a full picture of which of your marketing campaigns are the most effective.

Enhanced customer experience

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Using QR codes, you can provide your consumers with an enhanced customer experience. The modern consumer appreciates product experiences that are personalized, unique, fun, fast, and techy. When you offer your customers advanced buying solutions that are both niche and time-saving, you’ll ensure to provide high levels of satisfaction, that keep your audience growing.

Creative possibilities

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With so many potential uses, QR codes allow your company to get really creative with your branding. You can incorporate unique consumer experiences that reflect your brand. Whether it’s a competition, a musical playlist, or downloadable content, QR codes provide you with endless creative options. Why not Make a QR code to offer discounts or to use as a virtual business card? You could also use QR codes to follow a social account or input a calendar event. These are just a few of the options at your disposal.

Encourage repeat buyers 

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Many companies make use of QR codes on their product packaging. You can add a code that allows customers to reorder, which should improve your retention over time. You don’t need to provide different QR codes for different applications. Using geolocation features, the code can offer different applications depending on whether the customer is pre-purchase and in-store, or post-purchase and elsewhere. Often, businesses use QR codes to encourage customers to download their app. Many customers look to product reviews before purchasing, which is why positive online reviews are essential for business growth.

5 Ways That QR Codes Can Benefit Your Company 10
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Great marketing strategy relies upon gaining consistent customer feedback to improve products and services. You can even use QR codes to ask your customers to leave product reviews. Remember, both positive and negative product reviews need a timely response. Connecting with your customer opinions online helps to enhance your online presence and troubleshoot any issues.

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