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How to Create a Splash For Your Business

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You might feel a sense of excitement around your business when you’re just getting up and running, but it’ll be too much to expect other people to feel that way. Unless you explicitly build the hype, then you might find that your business is lumped in with all the other companies who are jostling for space in the crowded startup space (and there will be many). As such, it’s important that you’re finding ways to create a splash, and to get your business on the public’s radar. We take a look at a few ways how you can do this below.  

Build the Buzz

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Your marketing efforts should begin before you’re actually launched. You’re not going to get people as excited for your business as they will be excited for, say, a new Star Wars movie or something, but you can at least pique their curiosity. If you exist in “the real world,” then you can hang an “opening soon” banner at your premises. It’ll be a way to get into the public’s consciousness before your doors have opened. It’s a little more difficult in the digital world, but a website with a timer, social media channels with some hints as what’s to come, and blog posts spread around the web will all help. 

Cement Your Branding

It’s more difficult for smaller ventures, those that can’t spend big dollar on advertising spots and the like, to find ways to lodge themselves into the public’s mind, but there is one thing that all companies, big or small, can do. Cement your branding. If you’ve got watertight branding, then your company is going to stand out from the crowd. It won’t necessarily win you customers (the quality of your products/services) will do that, but it is a smart — and tried and tested — way to get noticed. 

Launch Events

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If you’ve spent all of this time making sure your business is ready to do business, then don’t launch with a whimper. Start as you mean to go on, is what they say! How your launch event looks will depend on the type of business that you’re building. If it’s an online thing it’ll be a little more difficult, but an introductory discount could be a smart way to go. It’ll be more straightforward if you’re a real world business. You can host an opening night event, which will include a celebratory glass of wine and can function as a way to showcase what you’ll be offering. 

Freebies and Giveaways

There’s an established way to get people on your side: charm them! In the modern age, the best way to do this is to give them something for free. It’s rare that people are given anything without handing over some cash; your business will be the exception. Of course, there’s an upside to you. If you’re giving away branded products, then members of the public will be carrying around items with your company name. Order some custom car air fresheners from businesses like – or get some custom designed pens with your branding on them, and give them out. They’re useful items that people need, and all the while, your name will be subconsciously seeping into their mind. 

Street Marketing

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It doesn’t matter whether you’re an online or real world company, because ultimately, people are the same in both spaces — we’re not talking about two different species of animals here. So look at taking to the streets for your marketing, especially during your launch period. Everyone likes to see something different when they’re walking down the street, and especially so if it’s something fun! If you can set up a stand and set up something that engages passersby, you’ll get people excited about what you have to offer. 

Go the Extra Mile 

You’ll quickly find that while doing what you say you’ll do is a good start, there are more things that you can do that would be in your best interests. For example, going the extra mile. Rather than just sending an item through their letterbox, look add a couple of freebies in there. If you’re in the real world, you can do the same. It’s always a good idea to go above and beyond what’s expected, but especially when you’re first getting started — it’ll help to make you stand out from the crowd.

Do Things Your Way

Finally, remember to do things your way. The best way to make your business stand out is to be unique. While you should be aware of what other companies are doing, also make sure you’re bringing your own ideas and style to the table. 

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