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Five People You Need In Your Business For It To Be Successful

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Many business owners are often on the lookout for the “perfect” employee. Not because they believe the actual person is going to be perfect, but because they want someone who is going to fit in perfectly to their business. This is an expectation that can be way too much for a business owner, and it’s also going to hinder hiring excellent people because the pursuit of perfection takes over.

In truth, there are only very few people that will impact the success of your business. Of course, you are going to need the services of outside agencies like a software development company who can manage your tech, or a marketing agency that will help you to run your campaigns properly. When it comes to the individuals on your team, though, you need to think carefully about the impact that they all have on your team. From the camaraderie in the office to what they bring to the table, you need to know what each of your staff does for you.

There are five types of person that you need on your side if you want your business to be a success, and here, we’ve got a list of who you need to be on the lookout for during your hiring process:

The Creative One

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It doesn’t matter which industry your business is in; you need someone creative. You may get creativity from your software development and marketing agencies, but you need someone in house to be the brains behind the products, the blogs and how to push the business forward. They may have an idea on how to solve problems in a way that you cannot imagine, and they’ll always be able to see how a product can be built from the very beginning right through to the customer opinions. Creative people are often full of ideas and suggestions, and it’s one of these suggestions that will be like liquid gold for your business. Don’t brush the creatives to one side; you need their flair!

The One Who Loves Details

If you have someone with their head in the clouds with ideas ticking over for new projects, then you’ll need someone to bring those ideas to earth and turn them into a real product. The person who loves details should be at your right hand for all discussions about what you want to achieve for your business. They’ll help you to develop a plan for the product or service that your creative has mapped out in the sky. If you work in the tech industry, the person concerned with all the details is the same person who would plan the product build. They’ll be able to research and dig down into the ideas that people have and make them come to life. This is a person you definitely want in your business.

The Reliable One

When it comes to building something amazing, whether that’s a physical product or a service, you need someone who is going to be more process-oriented and reliable. When you hire this person, you’ll notice very quickly that this is the one who is going to keep all your systems in place, hold everyone accountable for their actions and ensure that the product or service goes from an idea to a real thing. They’re the solid rock who knows everything about the process of each service and will ensure everyone knows their role and will keep it going.

The One Who Builds

Every single business needs to hire a builder. This is the person who takes detailed ideas from the creative person and the reliable person and builds the service or product from it. This is a person who is disciplined and technically minded; they’ll have an eye for detail and the technical skills to build whatever it is that you want to sell. Setting up the team who’s going to make your product or service soar has to include someone who can build what you want to put out into the world, otherwise, it’s not a complete team.

The Impatient One

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Lastly, you need someone who is going to put every other person in your team on the same page: in check and to the deadline with everything. This person cares about getting the job done on time, and they care about keeping the team working in sync. No matter what, the impatient person on the team is going to lead everyone and keep them moving forward and motivated at the same time.

Each of these five people has a part to play in your business, and when they work together, it can be seamless. However, you want the right people working together at the right time. The impatient person may not have the temperament to handle the dreamy creative on your team; someone hurrying for a deadline can often stunt someone who needs time to think and plan. You don’t have to allow this team to become too complicated and it’s going to take some judgment on your part to ensure that you have the right people working side by side at the same time.

As an entrepreneur, it’s up to you to offset all the skills with the personalities together so that you can create a team that knows how to work together without much issue. You can have high expectations surrounding the abilities of the team, but you need to ensure that you build a team that can gel the correct way. The worst thing that you could do is spend money hiring a team of people who cannot work together without fighting. The right in house team working with the right outside agencies can make your company a huge success. Seamless integration between every person you bring on board is going to be what you need to stand out.

Teamwork makes the dream work, right? You have the power for this to happen and you have the ability to make it happen at the right time for your company.

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