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In today’s modern era of information technology, online marketing for hotels is currently one of the most efficient marketing strategies. With more and more customers accessing the Internet to look for convenient accommodation in quality locations, having a strong online presence is critical to generating leads and sales.

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Online marketing increases exposure. Due to the increasing number of customers looking for accommodation online, hotels with a strong online presence can get more exposure and generate more sales. It’s more convenient for people to find information about your services, offerings and your contact information via the Internet, rather than looking through the Yellow Pages. Hotel marketing helps you establish yourself as a reliable provider and gradually earn more credibility. One of the best advantages of online marketing is the ability to personalize user experience. The digital marketing agency you hire will keep track of user behavior to determine what content appeals to your audience, what offers or promotions are efficient, and what you can do to make your hotel a more appealing option for your customers. At the same time, online marketing allows you to interact directly with prospective and existing customers to harvest loyal relationships. Online marketing also improves local SEO, which allows you to show up in local searches. What that means is that, whenever a user searches for “best hotels in [area],” your website will show up at the top (or close to the top) of the search results. This gives you more exposure and increases profit opportunities. And, if you hire a good hotel website design agency to tackle the design part, you can be sure that your profits will skyrocket. Your digital agency should be able to implement high quality video into your website as well, consider hiring a hotel video production service to come into your building and create a flashy video reel of your posh amenities to really drive home the value to your customers.

Social media marketing

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There are many different hotel Internet marketing services available, from search engine optimization to email marketing. However, one service that you certainly should not ignore is social media marketing. All hotels need to have an effective social media presence. Read on to discover the benefits associated with this type of marketing.

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You only need to look at overall social media activity to see where the opportunities lie when it comes to hotel Internet marketing. At present, Facebook has more than 2.38 billion active users, with active users being those who have logged into their account within the last 30 days. And that’s just one social media platform; you then have the likes of Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google+ and Pinterest.

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There are many benefits you can gain by investing in social media hotel marketing. Not only will you boost your rankings on search engine results pages through organic marketing techniques but also you will create a stronger bond with your customers. Social media gives your customers the chance the get close to your brand. You will be able to engage with your customers in a new and unique manner, which will create a loyal relationship and improve the chances of new and repeat bookings.

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You can also use social media to get your customers to advertise for your business through shareable content, with competitions proving to be extremely effective. When one of your followers or fans shares one of your posts, their friends will see the post, and once one of their friends shares it, all of the people they are connected with will see it, and so on and so forth. This is extremely powerful.

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