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Where Do You See Yourself In 10 Years Time?

Now isn’t this big of us to ask you! To think that far into the future might give a few of you a bit of a headache. But we think that the more you think about the future, the more you can be prepared for all of the possibilities that it might bring. Whether you think your future is going to be bright, or whether your think it could do with a little bit of work, well that’s up to you. But the earlier you start thinking about your future, the earlier you can start guiding it the way you want it to go.

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Think of it like a ship, and you’re the captain of it. You can mold your future into whatever you want it to be, you don’t have to be tied down to the way it’s heading at the minute. Think of all of the people who just suddenly drop everything and take themselves off travelling around the world. Those are the people who have suddenly thought about their future, and realized that they just don’t like the way that it is heading. We’re not trying to suggest that you should just up and leave and start a new life somewhere else. But we do  think that you should consider where you want to be in 10 years time, and what you want to have achieved by then. If you’re looking for a bit of guidance, we’re here to help you!

With More Money

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Money is going to be the biggest factor in a lot of your lives. It will be the one thing that either drives you to do more, or the one thing that you just can’t cope with. The thing that leaves you sat in your home all of the time because you never seem to have enough of it. But we think everyone has to go through a stage of struggling with money to learn how to have more of it. You learn so many life skills when you go through the stage of having no money, and it only helps you appreciate the times when you do have a little bit more in your bank account. But obviously you want to try and keep the period of time where you don’t have the most money to a minimum. You want to make sure you’re living your life the way you want it, not getting 10 years down the line and finally getting to the point where you’re comfortable with money. So, to change your outlook quickly, you first need to think about the habits that you have. If you’re someone who blows all your money within the first week or so, then it’s no wonder that you’re struggling at the minute. Money planning is going to become your new best friend after reading this, and we think you should rely on apps to do it for you. There are apps that read your data, learn your spending habits, and tell you what you need to save and what you need to spend. You simply tell it all of your outgoings, and it does the rest by sending you daily reminders. It’s so handy if you’re struggling to manage your money at the minute. Putting some aside for savings is also so important if you aren’t doing it already. 10 years down the line a lot will have changed, and you’re definitely going to need something to fall back on.

With A Better Career

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This is something you definitely can all agree on. Unless you’re lucky enough to absolutely love the job you have, and you know you’ve got the career of your dreams, then you’re probably going to be looking for a way out of it. But how is that going to happen when you need so many qualifications and experiences? Well, let us introduce you to the world of online courses. You can train and learn pretty much every career out there, and you can easily get recognized qualifications that will catapult you towards a new career, without even having to leave your old one! There’s electrical engineering online degrees, sports therapy, nursing, social work… the list of things could go on and on, because there literally is a course out there for everyone! If you want a more daring idea, you could see yourself working for yourself in 10 years time. It might be a bold statement to make, but working for yourself is the ultimate freedom. It allows you to pick your own hours, pick your line of work, and actually make something of yourself. Setting up a business is obviously the hardest career to try and have however, so make sure you do plenty of research with regards to how you would get there!

Well Traveled

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So, we said at the start of the article about the people who just up and leave, and find their way around the world because that is what they fancy doing. Whilst we’re not saying that this should happen to you, we definitely think you should think of ways that you can become well travelled. When people get old and grey to the point where they can no longer travel easily anymore, the one thing they wished they could have done is see more of the world. Don’t get 10 years down the line and find yourself saying this, think of ways that you can see more! Step number one would be to create a bucket list of all of the places you want to visit within the next 10 years. Then slowly work your way through it as time goes on. Don’t think that just because you’re travelling around the world that life is going to be more expensive to afford. If you go to the right countries at the right time, and stay in hostels rather than hotels, you could find yourself travelling around for next to nothing!

Settled Down

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When the time comes to settle down, you should have done everything that you want to do in life. You should have travelled freely like we spoke about in the paragraph before, and you should have done everything that you might struggle to do when in a relationship, or even when you have a family. But when you do finally settle down, you soon realise that you have achieved so much in life. You should have made the most of your younger years as much as you possibly can, and you should be happy to move into a home with the one you love. If you’re settling down, you should definitely think about moving into a home together, and even about starting a family together. If you don’t fancy having children, then getting an animal family could be your option. Whatever you do though, don’t stop living just because you have settled down. Find that person who makes you want to keep on doing crazy things until the day you can no longer do it!

With Less Stress

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If you’ve got a lot of stress going on at the minute, then we would hope that in 10 years time you see yourself with far less of it. Life is too short to be worrying about absolutely everything, so spend your time eliminating the things that you think you find most stressful. Even if you think that you’re going to lose some people along the way, sometimes you just have to focus on your own happiness!

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So, after reading this we hope that your future is going to be bright, and you make the most of every day!

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