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Toll-Free: The Next Technological Advancement

The last five years have been a whirlwind for many industries, thanks to the number of technological advances that have come and gone. Conference calls, for example, have gone from landlines to Voice over Internet Protocols. In between landline use and VoIP was the famed toll-free 1-800 phone number. All signs point toward this service, making a new and improved comeback.

Here are six reasons why toll-free phone service is the next technological advancement


It is Professional

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1-800 phone numbers were exclusive at one point. Before telephone technology became what it is today, making a phone call was expensive. The internet decentralized communications, so the phone companies had to really figure out how to keep competing with the lower priced and free new competitors. The toll-free phone numbers were eventually made available to companies across the board. Since these numbers gave companies the opportunity to allow their customers to call them for free, the numbers ran out. It became a different maker for companies because their clients were communicating with them more often. Whether they had a question, needed to place an order or request something else, customers could call for free. The popularity of the 1-800 number dwindled down because customers can email and contact a business through other means, including social media. At the end of the day, though, the 1-800 numbers is still perceived as professional. Even though it is not used as often, having one exudes professionalism. It is one more thing that legitimizes a company, too.

It is Affordable

Keeping in mind that the phone companies are competing with other forms of communication that are free and lower in price to the consumer, the 1-800 toll-free phone numbers is in many ways more affordable. The phone companies had to evolve when the competition began to gain on them. While it is true that the phone companies have evolved as well as branched out, they understand their customers and the overall consumer. For many decades, phone booths were set up across the country. Today, they are mostly gone, and more notably, the current young generation does not even know how to use the ones that are still standing. Landlines are going by the wayside as cellular phone communication has taken over, so the price of landline phone communication has dropped. Services like a toll free conference call option are now included, too.

It is Convenient

A toll-free phone number is convenient. The service can easily be added to an existing business phone plan including the conference call option. If you are switching phone service providers or you only require a provider for the 1-800 number, there are a number of companies that can work with your circumstances and budget. Many offer a variety of packages. These packages give you the freedom to pick the features your company will utilize and actually needs.

It is Secure

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Phone providers that offer the toll-free 1-800 service have had to evolve. This means that more than one method can be used to access this phone service option. In some cases, the service can be added from the main dashboard of the account online. From the same dashboard, conference calls can be set up, too. The internet is probably what is most responsible for reviving interest in this phone service. b are recorded and transcribed as well as stored for future use. Professional greetings can be produced in addition to professional hold music. Those who are participating in a conference but are on the go have in-call controls to pick from that help drown out surrounding noise. All of these features and more are also secure. 

It is Accessible

Toll-free phone service is also accessible. You no longer have to be near a landline to participate in a conference call using a toll-free number. The service is also accessible through a compatible web browser and app. The app means that the service can also be accessed on compatible mobile devices. 

It is Keeping Up with the Times

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There is little doubt that the amount of disruption caused by the internet, technology, and software has been immense. The technology-driven crowd believes in human efficiency and automation. Although their first try did not go well and resulted in the dotcom crash of 2002, it is safe to say they learned from their mistakes. Industries have had to adapt to the changing landscape of the economic environment and the new way of doing business. Providers of toll-free phone services are no exception. Not only are they keeping up with the changing times, but the providers have made their services attractive once again. This is one of the reasons why toll-free is considered the next technological advancement.

Communications is an industry that will continue to evolve. Staying abreast of the improvements in toll-free communication is worthwhile.

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