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3 Things To Consider Before Taking That Job Abroad

It’s happened, you’ve been offered the job of your dreams! There’s just one tiny catch; it’s in a completely different country. If the job were in your current location, you wouldn’t think twice about signing the contract. But, moving to a different country presents lots of different issues. How do you know if this is the right choice for your professional and personal lives? Before you make any rash decisions, here are a few things to ask yourself about taking a job abroad:

Will you actually earn more money?

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How well does this new job pay you? Right now, you could be doing extremely well for yourself. Perhaps you’re a freelancer that has no glass ceiling and makes a lot of cash. Or you have a full-time job with above-average wage and excellent benefits. So, can this new job offer beat what you’re already getting?

This is a question you ask when any job comes your way. However, it takes on more significance for an overseas position. Don’t forget to take currency rates into account when you see your wage. It may look like you get an exceptional wage packet, but after doing the conversions, you realize you make less than you do now! Is it worth moving your life to a new country for a job that earns less than your current one?

What’s the quality of life like?

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What’s it like to live in this new country? Is the quality of life up to a reasonable standard? You could get a job offer that pays really well, but the drawback is that it’s in a terrible country. The living conditions are poor, it’s hard to find somewhere to live, and the people aren’t very friendly. While this is a professional decision, you have to consider the impacts it has on your personal life. No job is worth moving somewhere that has a terrible quality of life. 

What about your partner/family?

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Next, consider what this job will mean for your personal relationships. Some of you may have a partner in this foreign country, which is why you were looking for work, to begin with! In this case, you don’t have any issues. Get yourself an immigration solicitor for your spouse visa, and you can move over there and enjoy a new life. But, if your partner lives with you, you have to consider what it means for your relationships. What are you asking them to give up if they move with you? Things are even harder when you have a family and children to contend with! 

Ultimately, you have to speak with your partner and family to weigh up the pros and cons of moving abroad. Some people will accept a job offer and the rest of their family stays home. They go back to visit as often as possible, but it’s far from ideal. 

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Ask yourself these three questions and think long and hard before taking an overseas job offer. It could be the best decision of your life, but it could equally be a devastating one!

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