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4 Items Every Web Designer Should Invest In

Web designing is anything but easy. Those that persevere in an industry that is constantly evolving are a special breed indeed – half artist, half technologist. So what does it take to be a successful web designer? Sure, it takes knowledge and grit, but a few items of the trade can also help. Here are four purchases every web designer should invest in for the good of their craft.

Graphic Packs

Designer-Recommended Tools for Building Websites and Pages

It is no secret that custom graphics are adored by clients, but for certain projects, custom artwork can sap too much of your time. To work more efficiently, consider garnering a couple free for commercial use pre-made premium graphics, then make a declaration to your client of those stock images.  

One option for high quality and a large variety of graphics is PSDGraphics. The great thing about this service is that it lets you to download free sample images before you purchase so you can test them within your original designs, which allows your client to view the finished design before you buy the graphics. The pricing is pretty reasonable too, at around $4 per item. 

Ergonomic chair

State-of-the-Art Office Furnishings

The average American working at a desk spends a staggering 15 hours sitting. The amount of time spent in this resting position is detrimental to one’s health, so it is important to take regular breaks throughout the day to stretch and have a very comfy, ergonomic chair. But not all ergonomic chairs are made equally, and graphic designers who sit, slouch, and lean at their desks for hours on end, want to be sure to consider a few factors to find the best fit. 

First, make sure the chair is appropriate for your height and weight. It should also support your body as you move through a variety of postures, allowing you to comfortably perform your daily tasks. You will know that you have a true ergonomic chair, not just a desk chair that touts the “ergonomic” tag, if the chair is adjustable. The arms, back, and seat should all be able to be manipulated to best conform to your specific body. 

Online Security

Why You Should Consider Hiring A Professional Website Designer Today

As a web designer, your business is operated 100 percent online – communications, planning, and purchasing all occur via your computer. One very real consequence of operating your business entirely through the internet is identity theft. In 2019, the credit card fraud was one of the most prevalent types of identity theft. Because of this, online security in the form of identity theft protection is a wise investment.

LifeLock is one service that many individuals trust with their identity security partly because the company offers customers 24/7 service and convenient features. It’s easy to use these features when you try LifeLock’s iPhone app. From here you can easily track the state of all of your personal information like your bank account, credit card, and more.


25K Designers Worldwide Are Creating Websites with Webydo, See Why

A definitive trait of web design is precision and the best way to determine precise colors is by using a colorimeter. You hang it on your screen, then the colorimeter cooperates with specific software to perfectly calibrate the colors of your display. It works on basic science principles of color in that a colored solution has the ability to absorb light passing through it.  When the concentration of color is higher, more light is absorbed. It is used by a variety of professions – painters, printers, designers, and manufacturers – to measure color. 

In the web design realm, a popular choice is SpyderX, which can run you as much as $250, though there are several other cheaper options as well. 

Web design might not be easier than math, but for more than 150,000 designers in the U.S., it is a creative and rewarding career. To bring out your best work, every designer should invest in quality graphic packs, a chair that fits you perfectly, an identity protection service, and a colorimeter.

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