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What Happens Behind The Scenes When Corporations Acquire Startups?

When corporations acquire startups, a lot of money changes hands. Plus, companies will send money all over the world when needed. There are a few things that can be done to ensure that you send your money properly, and you also need to remember that there are a few ways to transfer money when you are completing this process. Continue reading to learn how you can make wise choices when it is time to send money as part of a major acquisition.

The Corporation Must Make An Offer

When corporations are ready to buy a startup, they need to make an offer. The offer is likely going to be more than just cash. These companies could offer cash long with stocks or other concessions that will make the price worth the startup’s while. One or two people typically found a startup, and they need to be paid for the time and energy they put into starting the company.

When the startup is happy with the contract they have seen, they will begin the purchase process. However, the acquisition is far from complete. Several other things need to happen before the process is complete.

Money Must Change Hands

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When you transfer money to an international bank account, you can send large amounts of money through an approved transfer service. However, you need to make sure that you have worked with a company that can send the amount of money you prefer. These companies will initiate large transfers, and they will give you a receipt that shows how much money was transferred.

If you are sending a different currency, you also need to consider the exchange rate for that currency. Some companies will buy a startup that was founded overseas, and they need to pay the local currency instead of American dollars. If you are not comfortable paying with the local currency, you should ask for American dollars in the contract.

Cash Must Be Presented

When you need to present cash to the startup that you are buying. You can send cash to another location, and that cash can be used as part of the purchase. However, you need to use a company that will allow you to send large amounts of cash, withdraw that cash quickly, and complete the sale.

Plus, you may be involved with a third-party broker that is closing the sale for you. That company will tell you how much money they expect you to bring to the sale, and you can set up your transfers based on this information. You should find a transfer company or bank that will allow you to get the cash that you need, and you can work with that bank or transfer company to pick up cash or a cashier’s check depending on the parameters of the sale.

You Must Distribute The Cash

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There may be several different people involved in the sale, and that is why you need to have enough cash for each person. When a large corporation buys a startup, they need to make sure that everyone gets their cash right away. If you are deferring payment as part of the sale, you need to make sure that you describe your payment plan in the contract.

Plus, you may need to give the startup stock options or other concessions that made the sale worth their money. You can deliver stock certificates or contracts that allow the founders of the startup to take positions within the larger company. Make sure that you clearly lay out the jobs these people will do, and ensure that you have signed contracts with specified lengths, duties, and compensation.


When a large company buys a startup, it will offer a lot of cash during the sale. However, these companies need to know how to send money overseas to pay for the sale. These companies also need to know how to provide cash to the people who sold the startup, and they also need to know how to send money to an international bank account in some cases. The sale can be completed with the help of a broker, and there may be other contracts involved that satisfy both parties.

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