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How to make a Mobile App from Scratch

We all have that million-pound idea that we keep returning to. But while we may have inspiration, having the time or expertise to realise your idea is a different matter!

So, here’s our simple guide to making an app from scratch with no skill required. Starting with-

What do I need to do?

It may seem difficult to bring your idea to life, but there are a number of simple steps that can make all the difference. These include-

1. Understand your Idea:

First of all, take the time to think through the specific problem or concrete need that your app is trying to address and how it specifically goes about doing it. While “I wish it were easier to do X” may be a perfectly acceptable starting point, take some time to mull over the specific variables involved with your situation and you overall aim for creating an app with your resources. This stage should involve meditating on the problem and accumulating enough information about your proposed design. By the end of the process, the rough structure or potential of the app should be clear in your mind.

2. Practical Research:


Once you’ve thought through your design, it’s time to start with some targeted research and critique. Take some time to understand the space you occupy in the market, who your competitors are, and some of the obstacles that you will need to overcome. This should involve hard and fast research about technical requirements, how individuals will interact with your app, and the ecosystem it is part of. If the first step was developing your thesis, this stage should be gathering the evidence to refine and confirm that it will work or elements you’ll need to bear in mind.

3. Spec it Out:

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Once you’ve developed a solid understanding of what you are trying to achieve, it’s time to break it down into component parts and write up a specification document for the app. This should include a short description about the software, its purpose, and a clearly written brief to pass through any team developing the app. This should include key functionality, ideal steps about how it is enacted, and a detailed breakdown of edge cases or key concerns when it comes to your design. While it is impossible to cover each and every variable, making a solid start will give you a document to review and refine.

4. Contact a Professional:

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Once you’ve redrafted your document and gotten feedback, it’s time to contact a professional app developer or team and start the ball rolling on your design and put together a timetable for delivery. Finding a reliable mobile app development company to create a fitness app is essential and talking to a number of professionals will help you find a team that is the right personal and professional fit for your needs. Having the strongest research and spec document possible will help any team hit the ground running and work with you to develop the right mobile app for your personal or professional needs with the minimum amount of stress.

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