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Tips on How to Create a Business Website

Every business in this day and age has got to have a website. It is your window to the world. All marketing material you create will point the customer to the website as the first point of call. It will be used to advertise your products and services. Perhaps you will want there to be a shop on there so it may need to be more interactive than just content and pictures. Without a website, you may as well be invisible as most people want to survey a company by using the website first, then choose to contact after inspection. Here are a few things to think about when you want to create that business site.

What is the website for?

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You need to know what the main function of the website is going to be. If you want a shop to be on there, for example, the primary function will be e-commerce. Or maybe you want something a little less high functioning perhaps a showcase of work you have done with a telephone number, so you want great images, and videos uploaded. Maybe it’s a blog, and the content is the primary driver. Whatever you want it to be, you need to set goals. 


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Research similar sites and see what you like and what you don’t and think about a rough layout for the home page and the ordering of pages. Have a think about what the customer experience needs to be like. What will they be expecting to see obviously on the home screen? You need to decide to think about the images you want to use and the content you want and where best to place it. You may find creating a while sitemap useful. This is to give you a little focus on how it could be done, but with anything creative, be open you change. 

Decide a domain name and web host

This is your website address, the URL. You will probably need to pay for it and keep paying for it every year unless you want the host’s name in the URL. You will also need to choose a host to run the website. 

Start building the site

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Use the web host to start building your pages. You may not take to it at first, however they are generally quite easy to use once you get the hang of it. There are youtube tutorials if need be. Go back to your plan and ensure that you are going to be able to incorporate everything you need. For some of the more advanced IT things, you may find that you require extra help. If you want to be able to run an online shop, for example, it’s more than just showcasing products. You will also need to know how to keep customer’s data safe. It may be worth talking to some IT Consulting Services to ensure everything is up to scratch in terms of security, etc. As a business, you are at risk of cybercrime, so bear that in mind.

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