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Best Ways to Care for Your Hybrid Car This Winter

Since more and more people are experiencing the pleasure of owning a hybrid car, they also have questions about how best to care for the new auto technology during the harsh winter months. While there isn’t a whole lot of difference, there are still some things to know so that your car is kept running smoothly.

Normal Winterization

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The winterization techniques used for a hybrid car are essentially the same as a traditional car. Make sure to check the level of antifreeze in the vehicle and stay on top of oil changes as old oil is likely to thicken even more in the cold winter. Also, check your tires regularly for proper inflation and make sure to get the vehicle serviced before winter even sets in. That way you know everything is in top working condition.

Grill Insulation

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This may seem like an odd thing to do, especially since this is not done on a traditional car. However, many owners of green vehicles state that in temperatures that are extremely cold, it is best to insulate both the upper and lower grills of the car. This can be done with a homemade solution of using pool noodles stuffed in the open pieces of the grill. This works to increase fuel efficiency. However, this should absolutely never be done in warm weather.

Keeping Fuel Fresh

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Speaking of fuel, there may be owners of hybrid vehicles who choose not to drive their vehicles during the winter months for whatever reason. You can look through an online manual to see how long gasoline may be stored in the tank and still be usable. Most regular unleaded brands are only good for a handful of months if left untreated. The easiest way to solve this is to add a fuel stabilizer into a full tank before putting the vehicle into storage.

Unload the Car

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Most hybrid cars have front-wheel drive, which is great to have in the winter. However, if your vehicle is overloaded in the back seat or trunk with random objects you have never bothered to take out of the car, you will lose any benefits that front-wheel drive brings to you. Take everything out of your car that you would not typically need on a regular drive and store it in your garage or other places of convenience. This can increase fuel efficiency as well.


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Hybrid cars have a great option called preconditioning. This is used when the vehicle is still plugged into the outlet. This does not entail having to start the car by yourself. You merely program the specific day and time you want the car to be heated, as well as to what temperature it is heating, and the vehicle does the rest. This is a very convenient option to have on a cold winter day. This works in warm weather as well when you can program your air conditioning.

Be Gentle with Your Wipers

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Even though it may seem convenient, do not use your windshield wipers as snow shovels to clear away all that white stuff. This can be a quick way to burn out the motors that power the wipers and render them useless.

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