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How to Stay Motivated and Learn New Skills

When you decide to accomplish something or change one or a few things in your life, it can be challenging to know where to start. This is because you have been doing things a certain way and you don’t have to think about it to get it done, so adding a new habit can seem daunting because you have to focus to just get it done. This often results in giving up too soon and just allowing things to be as they are, which works only until something often terrible forces you to change. At this point, you’ll have at most only two choices, a good one with a good outcome or a terrible one with a bad outcome.

Fortunately, you don’t have to wait for this moment to change. There are many ways to get started with your new reality and all it takes is baby steps. If you are interested in freelancing or investing, you have many resources available to you across the web to start learning everything you can about the topics from YouTube videos to investing podcasts.

When these resources are paired with your passion, patience, and love to accomplish your new goal, you will always find success. Below are some of the best ways you can motivate yourself.

Motivation Is Habitual Positive Reinforcement

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Motivation takes practice. It’s like a muscle and should be gently cared for if you are to reap the benefits. When you are working out, you don’t talk yourself down or have negative thoughts. If you do, you’ll soon realize that this makes your workout extremely difficult and unenjoyable that you immediately decide not to come back.

But if you are patient with yourself and show up where you are, praise yourself often no matter how many reps you do, you’ll realize that this builds your desire to show up. This positive reinforcement is an additive to your motivation stores, which helps you remain excited and accomplish your fitness goals.

This practice can be translated to any new goals. When you show up, simply praise yourself and remember to be patient with yourself. You see this patience with babies learning to walk. Whenever they stumble and fall, they remain calm and smile, which leads to future successful efforts, before you know it they are running all over the place.

Be that way with yourself and you’ll be soaring in the expertise of your new goal.

Passion Allows You to Show Up

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It is important to cultivate a passionate attitude about the goal you want to accomplish. You can do this by talking and reaffirming how much you love it. You can say “I love (action)”, to yourself or whenever you imagine yourself talking about it. Reinforcing this love for what you want to do will make it easier for you to actually show up to do it. It increases your enthusiasm and motivation for what you would like to accomplish, making it easier to show up.

Fortunately, passion is learned. All you have to do is allocate some free time for five minutes four times a day to “profess your love” for what you want to accomplish. Imagine yourself talking about it and saying how much you love it and also doing it.  If you want to be successful at investing, imagine yourself saying to yourself, “I love investing, it’s so easy for me, I have time for it, and I know it all.”  This will grow your confidence and passion for your goal and make it easy to accomplish.

Find Great Resources 

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It’s important to have great teachers to be great at what you do. You can only accomplish this by having great resources that have step-by-step information of what you need to succeed.

There are many resources around the Internet or information highway available for you to use regarding any field you want to pursue. From web design, graphic illustration, investing, yoga, game development, coding, fashion, and art—the list is endless.

Remain Organized

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It is important that you maintain a list of the things you want to accomplish to help keep you organized. Contrary to other opinions, you can be good at more than one thing, so make sure you are organized to help you enjoy the process and accomplish your goals.

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