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The Top Jobs For Computer Science Graduates

Deciding what subject to study is a big decision for many reasons. Of course, you will want to ensure that you can enjoy and gain the most value out of your time studying, but you will also want to be sure of your future job prospects. If you are interested in studying computer science, then learning what type of jobs it can lead to can be critical to help you be confident before you invest your time, money, and effort into this educational path.

The list below has been specially curated to help potential computer science students to feel more confident in their choice of subject by showcasing some of the most popular and highest-paid jobs for computer science graduates.

A Software Architect

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A software architect is responsible for designing and developing software and organizing the software system. As a software architect, you will be responsible for how all components interact with each other, how the software operates, and the design principles. You will then provide a software engineer with the architectural blueprint to follow when they are building or improving the software.

Software architects are required to have extensive knowledge of software and confidently use a range of different coding languages.

A Software Developer

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Software developers are the masterminds behind computer programs and mobile applications. As a software developer, you will be required to think creatively and be able to technically work on the system. Software developers are usually employed in a wide range of different industries. Depending upon your particular area of specialization, you will be expected to work in one of many coding languages from HML to PHP. Some of the most common daily tasks that a software developer will be expected to complete includes modifying software, testing the new system, debugging applications, and testing computer programs.

A Website Developer

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In today’s business age, almost every company on the market has its own website, validating and increasing customer trust. However, building your own website is no easy feat, which means that the demand for knowledgeable website developers has grown a great deal in recent years.

Another top job for computer science graduates is a website developer role. A website developer is responsible for programming, coding, designing, and building the navigation and layout of a webpage. It is a common requirement for website developers to need to be able to work in HTML/CSS or JavaScript, although knowledge of other programming languages is sure to only benefit your search for work. It is also useful to have some knowledge of graphic design and be able to work closely with different individuals and organizations.

UX Designer

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UX designers are another profession that has become increasingly in-demand over the last few years. A UX designer is responsible for curating the user experience of a website, application, or program. In order to work as a user experience designer, you will need knowledge of programming, design, and computer systems. In order to fully excel in this role, you will also need to be able to understand how people think, what it is they want, and what features of a website, program, or application can help you to achieve your goal of curating the human experience.

An Artificial Intelligence Engineer

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It is common for an AI engineer to need more education than just a bachelor’s degree. If you are interested in working as an AI engineer, you might want to look into studying online masters computer science in order to increase your hiring potential.

An AI engineer is responsible for testing, creating, and developing the computer systems that are used for artificial intelligence. In order to get hired in this profession, you will need to have a very strong working knowledge of programming. Although programming is the key skill needed for this job, you will also be required to have an in-depth understanding of software development, probability, statistics, and linear algebra.

A Video Game Developer

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If you love gaming and have a passion for everything computer science-related, then it is pretty safe to assume that a video game developer is one of your top job choices. Video game developers are responsible for coding the games that you play. A video game developer will be required to use a number of different systems that are needed to computerize programming to create the very best player experience.

To work as a video game developer, you will need to have a strong coding ability and be able to understand the ideas and envision the playing experience. This is because video game development is as much about building a technical base as it is about facilitating the storytelling of a video game.

A Systems Architect

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Companies often employ systems architects to come in and holistically assess their technology. The systems architect will then use their knowledge of IT infrastructures and technology and their findings and understanding of company goals to create a dedicated IT strategy. In order to work as a systems architect, you will not only need to be able to understand technological systems but also to critically analyze the existing system. You need to troubleshoot, make clear assessments, and translate customer needs and company goals into a clear and actionable technological strategy.

An Information Security Analyst

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Unfortunately, the number of successful cyber-attacks has risen a great deal in recent years. Not only has the likelihood of encountering a successful cyber-attack increased, but the risk has also grown. As more businesses are now vulnerable to the risks of a successful cyber-attack, positions like information security analysts are in high demand.
An information security analyst is responsible for implementing systems that protect a company, its customers, and its staff from a cyber-attack. The skill required of an information security analyst includes a strong working knowledge of technological systems and their potential vulnerabilities. You will also need to have a meticulous working mindset to ensure you are as detail-oriented as possible so you are not potentially unaware of vulnerabilities in a system.

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