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Top Trends of Managed IT Services

Washington DC is the seat of the US federal government and an important world political capital. As a result, several Fortune 500 companies operate their headquarters in or near DC. Apart from the federal government department, which is one of the largest employers, there are several other growing industries, including education, finance, professional, retail and scientific research.

As the fifth most competitive metropolitan in the US, technology plays a pivotal role in the top business sectors in the DC to spearhead their growth. With organizations making significant investments in technology to stay relevant and transform their business, managed IT services DC provide an indispensable tool for businesses to manage their IT assets and resources. 

Statistics indicate that the managed service provider industry will reach a staggering high of $282 billion by 2023. Business leaders are coming to terms with the fact they can no longer rely on their internal expertise due to ever-changing technology trends. That’s where managed IT service providers can play a central role in helping businesses to cope with the changing market dynamics.

Here are some top trend in IT services to watch out for in 2021:

1. Cloud, Automation, and Outsourcing

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Cloud technology is becoming an integral part of business digital transformation today in Washington DC. However, the application of multi-cloud infrastructure poses a massive challenge for enterprises in DC due to the lack of skill and infrastructure. 

At the same time, several local businesses are embracing automation to remove redundant and repetitive tasks. Since automation needs for every business are varied, managed IT service providers can come to the rescue to implement custom automation across various business processes.

For instance, several government agencies and manufacturing industries in DC are adopting RPA or robotic process automation. As companies adopt such modern technologies, they lag behind with relevant talent, skills, and the requisite IT infrastructure. Experts of Managed IT services in DC can aid with the necessary tools and skills to embrace digital transformation through cloud computing and automation.

2. Hyper-Converged Infrastructure

It’s essential for the culmination of computing, networking, and storage to a unified system that will allow businesses to scale towards digital transformation. However, implementing such a complex infrastructure demands expertise and care. A managed IT service firm can help create and deploy such infrastructure. In fact, organizations in DC like the Joint Service provider who provide IT delivery to the Pentagon have already migrated to hyper-converged infrastructure, and several modern businesses in DC are following suit.

3. 24/7 Services

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Top managed IT services in DC provide comprehensive round-the-clock assistance to address emergency technology problems or troubleshooting. As network outages, software login complications, and network bottlenecks can arise unannounced, seeking remediation services without burdening in-house staff is imperative to keep your business up and running. Widespread Internet outages are common in DC, impacting remote working and remote learning. 

According to reports from DownDetector and user reports on Twitter, a recent network problem was reported from Washington, DC, to Boston. Several users were facing issues with internet and cloud providers and some Google services, Facebook, and other major sites. Thus, to speed and get your network back in order, managed IT services with 24/7 remediation services is the need of the hour.

4. Outcome-based Services

With the changing industry requirements, businesses require tracking KPIs and quantifying results in real-time. Therefore they seek outcome-based services with advanced analytics and reporting. This will assure companies that they are getting the most of their investment in managed IT services. Leading managed IT services in DC provide automated analytics reporting and data trend analysis as part of their packages to help their clients measure results.

5. Improved Security

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Cyberattacks have become a norm today, compromising confidential data of any organization. The most high profile attacks that hit the local government in DC was a ransomware virus that infected the city’s police department surveillance in 2017. As DC serves as a test-bed before large-scale attacks are ready to target the federal government, there is an inherent cybersecurity risk. 

Thus, businesses today need to focus on implementing requisite security measures to strengthen their system. Managed security service providers can continually monitor, defend and optimize security strategies to detect and recover from common cyberattacks in DC.

To sum up, as businesses continue to navigate a competitive landscape in DC and customer demands are increasing, managed service providers are becoming necessary for fast-scaling enterprises. 

With a strong employment workforce of 364K federal employees and many more in private industries, the Washington metropolitan area has the fifth-largest GDP in the US and the third-highest density of high-growth companies. 

From implementing the latest technologies, enhancing security, and robust infrastructure deployment, managed IT services in DC can provide the right tools for high-growth businesses to address a wide range of your IT requirements.

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