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Recipe for Business Success in 2023

What are the four ingredients for long-term business success in the modern era? In addition to a college degree, which is number one on the list, it’s essential to have at least a few months of job experience, a resume, and a clear social media footprint. Here are the pertinent details.

College Degree

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Getting a college degree and paying for it are two essential ingredients for business success in the modern era. After doing all the heavy lifting that comes with gaining acceptance to the school of your choice, covering the expenses can seem like an enormous challenge. The wisest way to get off on the right financial foot is to visit an online marketplace where you can view side-by-side comparisons of student loan offers. 

Because such sites work with a large partnership of the very best providers, applicants can see all the relevant data in one place. That means you win two ways. First, all the pertinent loan facts are right in front of you. Second, there’s no need to scroll through dozens of different websites just to make simple comparisons of loan rates, terms, repayment periods, etc.

Solid Resume

There were rumors a few years back that resumes were falling out of favor with hiring agents. The death of the traditional resume never happened. If anything, digital versions of standard format resumes are more popular and necessary than ever. If you want to land a decent position, it’s imperative to have a well-written, complete resume. Remember to include a custom cover letter every time you apply.

Untainted Social Media Footprint

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Be internet smart and clean up your social media footprint before actively seeking work. While it’s impossible to remove every trace of activity, keep in mind that prospective employers and their hiring agents conduct checks on applicants. If your social media accounts are full of party photos and embarrassing information, an excellent resume won’t do you much good. On the other hand, if you can remove most of the unseemly stuff and add a few serious, businesslike posts, it’s possible to get past the social media scanning phase of the job search process. Consider being proactive by setting up LinkedIn and similar resume-type pages that showcase your career aspirations.

Job Experience

Even entry-level positions are easier to get if you have at least six months of general job experience. It doesn’t matter whether your previous jobs are the same as the ones you apply for. The most significant aspect is that you learned how to be a reliable worker and get along with coworkers and customers. Even fast-food work experience is acceptable. Some corporate hiring agents prefer to bring on people who are experienced in a variety of tasks, industries, and projects. 

To maximize your chances of landing a new position, be sure to highlight your employment history on your resume and talk it up during interviews. Don’t shy away from what you did, no matter how unconnected or irrelevant it seems to be. All paid and volunteer work helps shape a person’s character and adds to their overall employment potential.

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