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How A VPN Can Protect Your Data

Everywhere you turn, there’s a “Free Wi-Fi here” sign, but that doesn’t mean you should be signing on. Coffee shops, restaurants, grocery stores and even your favorite auto repair shop


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The Origins Of The Internet

The Internet helps you find your way when you’re lost. It talks to you when you’re lonely. And it allows you to be available to your boss, 24 hours a


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PHP is better Than You Thought It Would Be

PHP is one of the most used programming languages of the world. It comes in different frameworks which take care of all the web development needs. However with popularity it


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How To Outsmart Social Engineering Hackers

Say the word “hacker,” and many people think of some sallow-skinned loner pounding out viral code in his grandmother's basement. Social charms and computer hacking don't go together – right?


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Android Tips & Hacks To Maximize Your Phone’s Capabilities

Going under-the-hood to maximize your Phone’s Capabilities If you’re a free soul and don’t want to be chained down by pointless limitations, chances are you’d prefer an Android-based phone over


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How To Create GUI (Graphical User Interface) Experiences

Good GUI Design Elements that Result in a Superior User Experience 12 Useful Techniques For Good User Interface Design User experience can be defined as the opinion of the user


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After Decades of Doubt, Online Schools are Nearly a Viable Alternative for Higher Education

In the past this blog has discussed how to get into computer science online for free — the Internet now makes it possible to acquire sound educational information in ways


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30+ Epic Game Tutorials

LOVE GAMES. As a kid I always loved games, ever since playing the early zelda games, I wanted to make games myself – but then after years of school and