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Even The Construction Industry Can’t Stop The March Of Tech

The construction industry is not the most innovative on the planet. It likes to take things slowly, waiting until technologies are proven before implementing them in the field.  The reason



Wacom Pro Pen 3D: Create and Design the Future

The world of technology is always changing and new and exciting products are being developed. Wacom is one company that offers cutting edge technology with its products and the release


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Create An Effective DIY Website

If you’re just starting out in business and aren’t yet making money, then it probably isn’t the best idea to drop thousands on a fancy website – not at the


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Stumble Into Increased Web Traffic With StumbleUpon

Update: 2023 – Sadly the service has been shutdown as of 2018! Why Did StumbleUpon Shut Down? History of StumbleUpon StumbleUpon was a web discovery service that allowed users to


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20+ Creative Web Designs Built With Wix and IMcreator

We have been watching the ‘website builders‘ of the web evolve, and the ones that are shining the brightest lately (and doing the most things well) are Wix, a free


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Seven Amazing Ways To Obtain Passive Income Online

Last year, the owner of a WordPress site made a record sale, he received more than $50,000 by selling the respective masterwork on market websites. It’s true, it’s a record


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Seven tips to attract more clients – A Guide for Freelancers

Across time, freelancers observed that it is better to have a trustful client, one that is serious and respectable, that is honoring the deadlines than two or three who aren’t


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#WDNDL For 01/13/2010 – Freelancing Tips, Nerd Humor(LOL), & PS/CSS/JS Tutorials!

How To: Build & Launch a Design Centric Web App | Inspired Magazine good workflow of building and launching a design centric web app – no actual code details however.