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PDF Tools- Available For All Operating Systems

PDF tools- Available for all Operating systems 2

Whether you are the MAC user or windows enthusiast, you all have to deal with PDF files and handling them always causes a lot of problems. There is software like


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Review : Xnspy for iPhone – A Remote Monitoring Spyware App

A Spyware App for iPhone for Remote Monitoring 1

You don’t need to be a hacker to snoop on someone’s iPhone. There are alternatives available and among the many, I happened to find Xnspy. It’s a spyware app for


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Want To Download Free Music Online? Here Are Six Things to Think About

Want To Download Free Music Online 7

Ask anyone what he/she does first after getting to work, and the answer is likely to be tuning to the best music. There are two ways of enjoying your favorite


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iWish I Never Bought This iPhone In The First Place!

Disadvantages of an ihone 1

It’s not an exaggeration to say that Apple is the most popular provider of cell phones in the world. Even with the resurgence of Samsung, the iPhone is comfortably everyone’s


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How to Unlock Your Smartphone


If you read this blog regularly then i’d say you are a pretty forward thinking, techno-capable (and clever!) human. Seeing as though you have those prerequisites under your belt i’d


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4 Smart Mobile Apps Every Nurse Should Use

4 useful nursing apps 3

If you have a mobile device like an iPad or an iPhone, there are probably apps you have installed on your device that are taking up a lot of space.


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Myths About Your iPhone Battery – Busted

iphone myths 2

It has to be said that iPhones do divide opinion, with some people seeing them as nothing more than a flashy, beautiful toy – all form and not that much



Top Payment Options Successful Businesses Offer Their Customers

Image Source: QuickBooks

A business without customers or money isn’t really a business. You need to ensure your customers are happy, and that you have the means to accept varying kinds of payment.