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20+ 8-Bit Inspirations – Web Design, Graphic Design, Gadgets and Items Inspired by Retro 8-Bit Graphics

Update 2012

If you love these so much that you want to learn to make your own, then check out these epic 8-bit pixel art tutorials that we put together, since you guys love 8-bit design just as much as we do!

Update 2011

Since this post was so popular, we made a new one with some new 8-bit design inspiration, so thought you might like that too 🙂

If you are like me, then you grew up in an era full of retro things like Blocky Cell Phones, Blocky Graphics, and Rubik’s Cube. The world was a very different place back then. But Even though we have smooth graphics and amazing resolution images these days, Its still nice to look back on the good old 80’s 8-bit graphics for inspiration.

So here is a collection of stuff that uses 8-bit for inspiration! Enjoy!

8-Bit Web Design

WireFrame Studio


8-Bit WordPress Theme!


The rest are after the jump 🙂


8 BIT – a documentary about art and video games


Code Monkeys


Boz Studios

8-Bit Merchandise

Geeky Headgear from New Era


Distinctive Icon Watch Offers Retro Style 8-Bit Time Telling


8BitBuddies Crew all 2gezza


8-Bit Coasters!


8-bit Tie!


Mario Brothers USB Mouse


8-Bit Events

i am 8-bit Opening Night Extravaganza


SXSWi 2007 – Production Companies 2.0: Taking Online Video to the Next Level

8-Bit Art




CD Art: Beck 8-Bit


8-Bit Pixel Street Art


8-Bit Walls

Nerdy 8-Bit Web Resources and Tools

8-bit Empire – Nice Nerdy Video Game and Retro 8-Bit Graphics Resources


8-bit Clip Art Collection!


And you thought That it was over. While I was researching for this post I found this site, with another UBER list of awesome 8-bit Inspired stuff! Check it out here.

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