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30+ Epic Breaking Bad Wallpapers

Like most of you, I love breaking bad. It is one of my favorite shows other than Game of Thrones. Walter White is Awesome, and Science Is Awesome. If you have not seen Breaking Bad then as I gasp in disbelief, you need to stop what you are doing right now and go watch it. ALL the seasons. Do it. Go Now. But seriously today we have some awesome Wallpapers for you to plaster your love for Breaking Bad & Chemistry all over your wall or desktop or iphone background, whatever you have, Put some breaking bad on it son! I hope that you enjoy these wallpapers and that they inspire you, or at the very least re-live a few of the great moments of the show in your head. Such a good show. Enjoy!

This one reminds me of Gordon Freeman from Half Life lol – Walter White must be his twin

iPhone wallpaper version!

This would be awesome for an iPhone wallpaper!

LOL Gustav is awesome.

What was your favorite Breaking Bad Wallpaper? Fan of the Show? Whats your favorite Episode!? Leave it in the comments below, Thanks for Reading!

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    This Series is one of the best series I’ve ever seen up to now. Really really good. Thanks to the actors and actresses, also thanks to the creator and writers, every body in the show is the best. Thanks for this post! I love breaking bad!

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