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Website Design Dominates in the World of Web Content Development

Have you ever wondered if content is everything on the web then why does designing consume a whole lot of time? Each day designers have a discussion on layout, functionalities, aesthetic appearance, but they hardly debate on the content. This definitely implies that content certainly might be the key but even the design factor shouldn’t be neglected.

User experience is considered to be highly rich if it encompasses various emotions such as enlightenment, anger, sorrow, discontent, humor and happiness.

The Difference Between Information Architecture and UX Design

It happens frequently that visitors to a website encounter either a good experience with the content or a totally bad experience, which leads them to divert to other websites. Here the designer should create a user experience which will enable them to provide value to a user when he/she lands on the website. User experience is considered to be highly rich if it encompasses various emotions such as enlightenment, anger, sorrow, discontent, humor and happiness. For this, a UX designer should follow certain practices or guidelines as mentioned below:

Design of a User Experience should be Justified

The Dark Side of User Experience Design

Building user engagement on a personal level is primarily important when the designers plan for the user experience. Here various factors need to be taken into consideration in order to represent organizational offerings in the most effective way such as visual elements, shapes, lines, text, color, font, etc. The components used should back the message or goal that the company wants to deliver to the customers. It is similar to the petals on a flower that do not only attract insects but also lets them pollinate which in turn helps the flowers to thrive.

Build Layers of a Design Sandwich

(Not this kind of design sandwich, but you get the point.) from The Very Best of Sandwich Design

An appropriate design of a user experience consists of three very important layers: website introduction, content delivery and user response.

Website Introduction

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When a user visits a website, he/she forms an opinion by having a look only for a few seconds. The content of a website comes into play only when the website is successful in attracting the user in the matter of those few seconds. So what are initially visible to the users are headings, layout, colors and positioning of website components as well as elements. Users seem to be interested only if the design has the ability to hold them and move them regardless of what the content exactly is. The design also plays an important role in letting users decide the credibility of the company in a similar way as the readers judge a book by its cover.

Content Delivery

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Designing the content is equally important as designing the user experience. Typography of content plays a vital role in this. Even video and images integrated aesthetically make a big difference. Color, size and type of fonts being used can leave a lasting impression on the users.

User Response

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Anticipating how the users will react to your design is pivotal as it holds a big value. Today, simply delivering content is not important. What is more crucial is presenting a whole lot of options and information with the help of links and referrals pointing to the social networks. If a company wants to stand out, the content should be shared between users so as to get a good volume of reactions and ideas. With a world full of votes, shares, tweets, tags and likes, getting reactions from a visitor facilitates the views ultimately deciding on the failure or success of the website.

Design From a Visitor’s Perspective

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While designing a website, the user’s thinking and behavioral pattern should be kept in mind. A user has the ultimate power to decide whether to get engaged or just leave the website. So the at most the purpose should be to have a user interface which has a high end user engagement ability. In case a user lands on your website, it should be made sure that he/she is taken to the positive reaction stage initially and then all the way to the conversion stage.

Designing should be an Ongoing Process

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A website design should be continuously valued, monitored, evaluated and modified because it acts as a critical support to the actual content present on the website. To make a website memorable and unique, foundation should be laid to impart a strong impression, content should be effectively and efficiently used and user engagement parameters should be taken care of.

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