Digital Lifesavers: Keys To Staying Afloat In The World of Online Business

Some people expect running an online business to be a simple affair. Send a few emails. Post a few updates on social media. Job’s a good’un! Right? Well anyone who’s worked in the world of online business knows that could not be more wrong. The ever changing world of digital information moves at such a speed; it can be hard to keep up. And it’s even more challenging if you’re running a small business or are in business alone. Luckily there are a few simple things you can do to keep your head above the water when running a business online.

Keep it simple!

It’s oh so tempting to make your website as flashy and exciting as possible. You want to stand out and make an impression, after all. But chances are this will have the opposite effect. Customers aren’t interested in flashy graphics. Flash animation and complicated interfaces stopped being impressive more than a decade ago. Now customers and clients want simple, elegant design. Most important of all they want to be able to navigate quickly and easily to find what they’re looking for. Remember: less is more.

When Less is More – Why Minimalism STILL Rules the Web

Sensible optimisation

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is a pretty familiar term at this point. Which begs the question: why do so many companies keep getting it wrong? Cramming your website, emails and blog posts full of keywords for the sake of SEO can damage your site’s online presence in the long term. Constant keywords disrupt the writing and make it difficult to read for customers. Not only that but Google and other search engines blacklist sites that include that sort of SEO. The best thing you can do is to try and weave your SEO into the writing on your site as best as possible.

Chapter 2: Content & Search Engine Success Factors

Remember: people are always online!

Even in the last decade the jump forward in online technology has been extreme. Gone are the days where the only place that people could use the internet was the PC in their living rooms. These days the amount of ways in which someone can be online is astonishing. The average person has internet on their computer, their phone, even their watch! When crafting a business for the online market you’ve got to think about these different devices. If you’re just doing business for people on their computers, you’re going to get left behind. This is called the “Internet of Things” and your business needs a strong IoT framework to survive.

Slides for “Designing for the Internet of Things” at HOW Design Live

Talk to people!

It’s true; people are always connected. That doesn’t mean they want to be hassled and spammed constantly. What customers and clients want to engage with you and your business on a personal level. Make your emails and social media posts count. Create compelling and engaging content that your customers will want to seek out. By creating regular, high-value content, you can foster the kind of loyalty that previous business generations could only dream of.

How to Create Content That Earns Engagement, Trust, and Loyalty for Your Brand

So treat these tips like your digital lifesavers! They won’t take the work out of running an online business, but you’ll be amazed to see just how much easier they can make things!

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