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3 Online Ad Mistakes All New Business Owners Make

Online advertising is a must for the modern entrepreneur. If you’re going to make a splash, you should spend some of your advertising budget on print and banner ads, but for the most part, online is where it’s at.

The online advertising world is relatively new, especially when compared to the print adverts that we all grew up with. Perhaps it is unsurprising, then, that new business owners — or those who are advertising online for the first time — keep making the same mistakes. Everyone is still trying to figure online advertising out; the industry is still relatively new, it’s far from easy to an untrained observer, and as a result, entrepreneurs en masse make the same series of miscalculations.

If you have an online advertising campaign for your business that isn’t performing the way you hoped, it might be wise to browse through the most common mistakes that newbie entrepreneurs tend to make…

#1 – Failing To Utilize Google Adwords

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The Google Adwords platform is usually the first type of online advertisement that new business owners tend to try. Adwords is produced by a well-known brand that seems familiar, and there’s usually discounts and special deals to tempt you to sign up.

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However, it’s at this point that things go wrong. Adwords is confusing; you can’t just set it up, sit back, and wait for the customers to roll in. It requires research, dedication, and an in-depth level of knowledge about all the different aspects. There’s so much to learn with this advertising platform, from the basics like selecting your keywords to understanding how to improve your Adwords quality score– you have to go through a learning process to get the most from it.

Spend some time — or outsource to experienced companies — researching and honing your Adwords technique. It is arguably the most powerful advertising platform you have available to you.

#2 – Choosing Irritating Ads

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We all know that ad impressions are down; webpage readers tend to ignore banner ads; and that adblockers are becoming more and more common. To combat these issues, you may be tempted to make your ads big, loud, dominant on the page… and extremely irritating.

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If you do find yourself following this train of thought, get off at the next stop. Don’t do it. The more intrusive, auto-video-playing, loud, page-covering ads there are online, the more users are going to switch on adblockers. You can still have good results with ads that don’t take over entire pages or blare audio at the user; you just have to work hard to understand how to make the most of your campaign.

#3 – You Only Advertise On One Platform

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Getting to grips with different advertising platforms is tough; each requires a specific learning process. As a result, you likely have a few “favorites”, rather than spreading your budget across the different advertising opportunities.

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If you want to ensure your company is visible, then you have to be visible to a wide set of internet users. Always try and diversify your advertising choices, choosing a mix of websites, Adwords, and social media to create a comprehensive strategy.

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If you can avoid the mistakes above, your business will be destined for online advertising success– good luck!

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