Think Cybersecurity Isn’t Important for a Law Firm? Objection!

When people think about law firms, they very rarely think about their technological needs. Indeed, many people seem to think that lawyers don’t really use computers all that much. They still imagine lawyers using briefcases filled with all the documents they need as opposed to using laptops and tablets.

Of course, this isn’t really an accurate way of perceiving lawyers. Just like every other business out there, law firms are also upgrading themselves technologically. And just like those other businesses, law firms need to ensure that the transfer to more digital approaches is done with safety in mind.

Data is extremely sensitive for pretty much all businesses. But in the world of law, it can take on new levels of importance. If you’re part of a law business and your firm isn’t putting a priority on cybersecurity, then a dreadful mistake is being made! All law firms should ensure that cybersecurity at their business is impeccable. Here are some essential tips for ensuring that your client’s data – and yours! – remain safe.


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This really should have been a priority the moment your law firm started using online communication. If your communications aren’t encrypted, then you run the risk of anyone with a decent enough level of hacking skill gaining access to that sensitive information! Thankfully, a lot of communication methods available online are already encrypted. But emailing services are usually not encrypted, so consider getting an IT security expert to help you with setting up a suitable system.

The right software

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One of the most common causes of data breaches is that the business in question was using inadequate software. This can refer to a couple of things. It can, of course, refer to the security software itself – stuff like the antivirus or firewall facilities you have on your network. But it can also refer to the software that you actually use to do your job! If you’re not using high-quality legal case management software, for example, then you could be putting your firm in danger.

Cybersecurity education

Lawyers already have so much to worry about, right? After all, they had to go to law school for what seems like an eternity to get to where they are. Their heads are already crammed full of knowledge. Well, you’re going to have to cram a few more bits of wisdom in there! The best cybersecurity really does start with awareness. You need to ensure that your employees are actually educated about the risks and what they can do to prevent problems from occurring. This doesn’t just apply to lawyers, of course. Accountants, assistants, and anyone else working for the firm should also be in the know.

Threat assessment

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At the end of the day, it’s probably best that you have your firm’s IT infrastructure checked for any other risks. It’s never really enough to just list a bunch of potential problems and go through them like a checklist. Everyone’s system is different, and the risks they face may be unique to them. So consider getting a cybersecurity audit, which can probably be provided by one of those aforementioned IT specialists!

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