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How To Use Call Center Data To Improve Your Company

Call centers or contact centers are important to companies because of many good reasons. Some of these benefits include enhancing company image, creating a stronger customer base, and resolving customers’ complaints. Successful companies use call center data as a basis to make key business decisions to avoid major losses.  

In this article, you will learn in detail how to use call center data to help improve your company for the short-term or in the long run.  

Improve Customer Experience 

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What is call center data analytics? It refers to the system used in call centers to analyze key metrics, such as customer satisfaction, first call resolution, hold times, and call handling time, among others (will be discussed in detail below). All of these metrics make up the customer experience.  

The foundation of a company’s customer experience is its call center. This place is the perfect venue where customers can communicate with the company with the help of call center agents. That is why companies should upgrade their call centers by using reliable and proven call center tools, such as those being offered by Aceyus.  

Here are the call center data analytics used to improve customer experience: 

  • Call Monitoring: Monitor calls to assess the strong and weak points of the call center. It will help improve agent calls to easily answer questions and resolve customer complaints. 
  • Call Center Training: Coach agents based on gathered data to improve their call handling skills and better assist customers. In this way, call center representatives are more confident to deal with different issues customers raise every day. 
  • Integration: Call center analytics allow you to determine the needs of your customers based on the frequent reasons for calling. Integrating call center and business analytics brings forth promising benefits to companies for faster creation of strategies and solutions.  

Improve Customer Service 

Customer service refers to how well a business communicates with customers. Companies must be able to provide excellent customer service in order to attract new prospects and retain more loyal customers. Call center data can be used to improve a company’s customer service by monitoring key performance indicators to help your business succeed, including the following: 

  • Average Hold Time: It refers to how long callers are on hold when they call the company. It is important for callers to be able to speak with a live representative immediately and avoid high hold times.  
  • First-Contact Resolution: This call center key performance indicator (KPI) refers to the rate your customer service department resolves customer inquiries without needing follow-up. A high first-contact resolution reduces customer effort and leaves an impression of efficiency. 
  • Average Handle Time: This metric measures the amount of time it takes for your call center agents to answer questions. It refers to the total amount of time a customer has to wait before having the issue (reason of call) gets resolved. 
  • Average Transfer Rate: This metric gives an overview of the number of incoming calls that get transferred to another department. Transfers have a huge impact on customer satisfaction, which makes it a very important customer service metric. 
  • Customer Satisfaction: There are many ways to measure customer satisfaction, such as Net Promoter Score or NPS. This metric involves asking the customer how likely he will recommend the company to their friends and family. 

Improve Business Decision-Making 

Companies can take advantage of call center and business analytics integration. It will help develop effective sales and marketing tactics that appeal to their target audience. Business managers can make better business decision-making by analyzing data gathered in call centers. 

During a call, customers may give their suggestions regarding new promotions, product improvement, and other sales and marketing techniques. Businesses may consider these suggestions to boost and attain their sales and marketing goals.  

Here’s how call center data can be used to improve your business decision-making: 

  • Business Forecasting: Business managers can use data analytics in forecasting customers’ needs. Anticipating the needs of customers will help improve other business operations, such as meeting production goals. 
  • Creating Buyer Personas: Create buyer personas for personalized service and audience segmentation. Customers can be segmented according to their demographics and common buying characteristics.  
  • Budgeting: Using call center data, business owners will be able to determine the in-demand products and services or what customers love about their company. Stakeholders can make better business decisions in terms of appropriate budget allocation.  


Companies should use center data in order to improve customer service, customer experience, and sales and marketing campaigns. Resolve customers’ complaints quickly by utilizing available data to determine the frequent reasons why customers call and what they like or hate when speaking with live agents. Indeed, call center analytics to provide accurate data that can help business managers make better business decisions, most especially when it comes to making better strategies when communicating with customers.

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