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3 Ways The Digital Age Has Benefited Entrepreneurs

In many ways, we are taught that life in the digital age is a bad thing. There’s a constant stream of stories decrying technology; social media is bad for us, using computers causes myriad health problems; and many more besides. If all of these stories were to be believed, the digitization of everyday life has had nothing but negative consequences.

However, while these issues are concerning, there is no doubt that life in the digital age is overwhelmingly beneficial – and no group knows this better than entrepreneurs. If you run, or plan to run, a business of your own, then you are able to take advantage of the following 21st century benefits…

#1 – Crowdfunding has changed business financing forever

3 Ways The Digital Age Has Benefited Entrepreneurs 2
Here’s How To Create Cash For Your Business Fast

If a person wanted to start a business 25 years ago, they had limited financial options. They could either fund their enterprise from their own savings, or they could make an application for a business loan.

In the digital age, business funding options are endless. From crowdfunding to TV shows, there are countless different methods for obtaining the startup capital you need. This has meant that entrepreneurship is now more accessible than ever before, which in turn has led to a huge range of diverse, thriving businesses – many of which would have never received funding via conventional methods.

#2 – Niche software can ease your day-to-day requirements

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Niche Software For Your Business: Yes or No?

Everyone knows that software in and of itself has helped to make business operations easier, but niche software takes this concept to another level. This is a kind of software that is developed for a very small section of the business community. From agency management software for insurance companies to dental practice management software, the sheer scope of niche options is truly outstanding.

3 Ways The Digital Age Has Benefited Entrepreneurs 3
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This type of niche, highly-targeted software ensures that you are only ever paying for services you actually need. There’s no bloat, no generic “one size fits all”-style approach, and no paying for the development of a feature you’ll never use. In years gone by, this kind of targeting was an impossible dream; in the 21st century, it’s easily attainable – and your business can benefit as a result.

#3 – Global hiring capabilities

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The People And The Tech: The Way To Cut Time & Money

Prior to the digital age, hiring employees was incredibly restrictive. Business owners could only hire from a very small pool of people who lived in, or were willing to move to, their business’ location.

In the 21st century, your potential pool of employees is literally global. Technological advances mean that you can hire, work with, and rely on staff that are dotted across the map. This means that you are able to hire employees based on their skills and suitability for the job, rather than their physical proximity to your place of business – which makes it all the more likely you will be able to build a team capable of helping you to reach your business goals.

In conclusion

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Sure, the digital age has its problems – no one is seeking to deny that some of the threats posed by this period in time are very real. However, if you are an entrepreneur, you can take heart from the fact that there has literally never been a better time to be in business.

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