Top 3 Servers to Monitor in Real Time

Software Monitoring is taking over and allowing companies to be proactive with their servers and applications rather than being short sighted and reacting to detrimental problems that were preventable.

While server downtime is the worst case scenario, server performance has a direct relationship to output and overall work performance in most companies. Most, if not all work nowadays is connected and communicated through a host of servers and applications that we rely on in our businesses.

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Not only do servers involve the customer side of the business but most companies rely on software and applications to do most if not all work throughout the work day. If the performance lags then work performance and turn around of services decreases and the bottom line is impacted.

Application Server Management

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Web applications are an important component of the internet and also businesses that interact with the public. Web applications provide a way to exchange information and make transactions in a very practical manner assuming the storage and server management sides are functioning accordingly.

Examples of web applications are Google apps, Microsoft 365. content sharing platforms, and CRMS. These types of web applications can be an important aspect of business and overall operations because they allow for more efficiency and have the ability to understand problems faster, align up distribution of information which allows for better compatibility, and also free up space because they are in the browser. All of these processes reduce time and expenses because there is overall less support for both user and company.

While application servers are great when they are running smoothly, they need to be accessed and logged in real time by server monitoring software to prevent problems before they arise to maintain effectiveness.

Storage Server Management

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Data is everything nowadays and it is difficult to even state how important it is to every facet of business. With the ever increasing use of the internet and more and more data being stored, servers are becoming less traditional and more streamline while moving into cloud based models.

Whether using a single NAS or multiple network environments running SAN or unified SAN devices, the more data that is stored everyday essentially requires more attention. Monitoring software is the only way to keep track and prevent problems with lack of storage, understanding latency on network devices to be proactive with anomalies, and understanding bandwidth from problems such as over subscribing.

In larger businesses, monitoring servers can even be more important because of the many storage devices being used and understanding LUN devices. The ever increasing number of storage devices as well as the amount of data makes understanding and optimizing your space available your number one priority.

Web Server Management

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When we discuss servers, most people think of a website, a host, and a server. This simple local network can be monitored quite easily. Understanding bottlenecks, traffic coming/going and CPU functions on multiple servers and hosts can be quite a nightmare when performance starts to diminish. There are powerful tools which provide advanced insights into your performance, such as SentryOne SQL server monitoring. Tracking issues within your server environment is absolutely key.

Troubleshooting servers can be taxing for a team without logged data to compare or an alert system of any anomalies, breaches, downtime, or login attempts.

Importance of Understanding Your Servers

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With the ever increasing amount of information on the internet, one can find out how to do really anything they want and hack into any device possible. With a 5 second google search, you can find how to hack a web server and other site’s documenting ways servers have and can be hacked.

The internet changes everyday and people spend hours trying to find ways to break into your servers or hijack your power to do their dirty work. Malicious code and malware is a booming business simply because we do everything online and are easily accessed by a simple cable across the world.

It is important to understand you need to apply proactive and preventive measures for every aspect of your servers to get the most out of your operations. Having optimal server performance will create a cascading effect and will provide a positive chain reaction of workflow performance which ends with a positive bottom line.

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