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Getting Your Business Ahead of the Game in 2020

2020 is just around the corner and businesses should already have put their goal together for what they expect and want for next year. At times, it may feel overwhelming for small businesses to try and compete in such a competitive world, but, fortunately, some trends can be easily monitored.

Social media

Getting your business ahead of the game in 2020 5
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Social media is, quite simply, king at present. To get your business recognized, a great social media presence is essential. Facebook has laid the platform in recent years for social media marketing with the likes of Instagram, Pinterest and Snapchat experiencing tremendous growth. But other platforms must be identified before others get there to give your business an advantage.

Tiktok, for example, is taking the social media market by storm, with its organic growth and engagement unspoiled by paid sponsorship and advertizing. A large part of its success is down to video marketing. Information is at the end of your smartphone or laptop in seconds with live videos and streams able to pump out content like no other medium.

Social media influencers will also become even more important; micro-influencers – those with a large, concentrated following – have a smaller, more engaged audience. So, working with such influencers that endorse your company can win over a great number of people in a particular area of interest rather than a fleeting few from a more vague following.

Blogger outreaching

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Blogger outreaching enables businesses to bypass the content generating that catalyzes linkbacks and leave the outreach efforts in the hands of the experts. This will become even more prevalent in 2020 as companies fight to bring out as much content as possible.

What is usually a full-time job can be delegated outside of the workplace, fuelling a cohesive content marketing strategy, giving business owners much more time on their hands.

Personalization is key


Nobody wants to feel like they are just part of a wider marketing strategy with generic emails and contacts. A connection is established between a consumer and a company, a connection which ultimately leads to a sale or rejection.

Personalizing can be done through identifying your target market and then creating customer avatars based on the demographic you attain. Above all, personalize your emails, address the customer and make them feel wanted/included. Online casino and bingo sites, for example, have personal brands that are easily recognisable.

Trust is also a big part of this, make you and your brand transparent and give yourselves that big tick of authenticity. Features such as presenting how things are run behind the scenes or making conversation with personality allows consumers to get more of an idea of your brand.

After all, an Epsilon survey in 2017 concluded that 80% of respondents would be more likely to buy something if they had experienced brand personalization.

A question for content

Getting your business ahead of the game in 2020 6
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For content to hit that position zero – the snippet at the top of a search that brings information from the page – you need to base it around a question. This question will form the foundation for your keyword research. And, succinctly and clearly provide the information that people will look for to separate yourselves from the vagueness out there.

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