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6 Reasons to Have a Mobile Strategy for Digital Marketing

When it comes to improving your businesses’s marketing, mobile devices can be reliable tools. Here are reasons to have a mobile strategy for digital marketing.

The average person spends about 3 hours and 15 minutes on their phone every day.  Some individuals can’t stay a good five minutes without looking at their screen, which goes to show just how dependent we are on these gadgets.

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Smart businesses are capitalizing on this smartphone dependence to market their products and services to the masses. As the world becomes more technologically advanced, businesses that keep up with the current trends in technology have a distinct edge over their rivals.  That’s why a huge chunk of these thriving businesses have a solid mobile strategy. 

Mobile marketing shouldn’t be an afterthought when crafting your digital marketing strategy. In fact, it should be a priority because of the prevalence of smartphone use and its capability to clamp down on a large customer base. Read on to find out why having a mobile strategy in your marketing campaign is more of a necessity than a luxury.

Why Your Business Needs a Mobile Strategy

Smartphones and the internet give companies a platform to reach an even wider audience than they ever did before. As digital commerce gradually phases out traditional retail, most people are turning to their computers and smartphones for their shopping. This allows businesses to market their goods and services directly, plus companies can redirect their customers to where they can buy the product with a single click or tap.

If you’ve not yet embraced mobile marketing, here are a few reasons why you should.

1. Consumers Spend a Lot of Time on Their Phones

Most people spend an outrageous amount of time on their phones. In fact, a shocking 13% of millennials spend about 12 hours a day on the phone, and the rest spend about 5 hours.

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These days, anything you can do on your computer, you can do it on your phone too. That means you can shop for items, check product reviews, interact with people, respond to emails, the list is endless. 

While your prospective customers do all these, you can capture their attention with a simple ad and draw them towards your products and services.

2. Reaches a Wider Customer Base

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By the end of 2020, the world expects over 6.1 billion smartphone users globally. A figure that’s steadily increasing with smartphones becoming more capable and affordable. As digital marketing gains traction worldwide, smartphones have created the ideal platform for businesses to have a firm grasp on digital consumers.

Plus, with in-app ads, consumers don’t even have to be surfing the web to view your ads. These ads can pop-up any time as they use their favorite apps. Also, with targeted ads, mobile ads reach a broader and more relevant audience, unlike many other marketing techniques.

3. Voice Search

Ok Google, 80+ Google Now Voice Commands

Voice search has surged in popularity over the past decade as voice assistants become much smarter and more effective. Today, you can choose from Microsoft’s Cortana, Siri for Apple devices, and Alexa. 

At its inception, voice search was more like a by-the-way feature that folks barely used. Now that tech giants have refined their voice search capability, more and more people are warming up to the feature. Nowadays, most people would rather search for something online using voice search than typing it out.

Optimizing your content and website for voice search is part of a solid mobile marketing strategy. That’s because most mobile users use voice search to search for stuff online. So to lock down on the many mobile voice searches, then remember to include voice search optimization in your mobile strategy.

4. In-store Purchases

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When you need to compare products while shopping, you whip out your phone and compare the products online. Using mobile marketing, you can take advantage of this shopping habit that’s close to nature for most shoppers to push your products to prospective customers.

If you’re keen on SEO, then your page will pop up on top of the search engine’s results page. However, a crucial part of SEO for mobile searches is having a mobile-friendly website. As such, you need to pay keen attention to your mobile strategy to stay ahead of your competition.

5. Smart Messaging

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SMSs have a high opening rate of about 98%, plus more than 90% of people who receive these messages read them within three minutes. You can’t compare SMSs to emails, because people don’t open their emails as much as they do their text messages. In fact, most people mark marketing emails as spam.

While we can never understate the importance of email marketing, you can use it in conjunction with SMS for the best results. Most marketers utilize a web to SMS service for easier handling of their campaigns. Tailoring your texts to promote your products or give crucial updates on new developments should be a piece of cake. However, for greatest effect, try making your texts customer-specific instead of broadcasting cut-out texts.

Apart from text messages, messaging apps have also made it easier for business to communicate with potential and current customers. You can only do so if you have a well-structured mobile strategy that allows you to engage with customers effectively. You can then use platforms like WhatsApp, Messenger and the likes to market your products, answer customer queries, and give updates on your latest products.

6. Metrics

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Metrics from your mobile strategy can give you important insights into the effectiveness of your marketing techniques and the demand for your products. Everybody worldwide is nowadays, chatting, tweeting or uploading pics on their Instagram. The continued use of social media and other mobile apps is an information treasure trove.

You can get some valuable information yourself if you engage with customers through smartphone platforms or a mobile-friendly site. You can use this information to improve and grow your business by making changes to your various strategies.

Not to mention, you can even integrate your mobile strategy with your company operations, for instance, employee payment. This pay stub maker, for instance, for creating your pay stubs with the convenience of your phone.

The Best Companies Have Solid Mobile Strategies

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Without a mobile strategy, you’re missing out on a huge customer base, and the proof of the pudding. Think of all the large corporations, and you’ll find that all of them have established a firm mobile strategy. 

However, you don’t need to be a large multinational to benefit from mobile marketing. Even small businesses have a lot to gain from well-structured mobile strategies.

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