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The Importance Of A Solid Contact Page On Your Website

There are many reasons as to why someone may wish to make contact with you through your website. Reasons can range from simply bigging you up or complaining, to brands wanting to work with you. Therefore it’s important you give them plenty of opportunities to be able to get in touch.

That will often come through a contact page. Most websites have them, but many don’t use them effectively despite their huge importance.

It plays such an important role in a website, not just in allowing people to get in touch, but how your business is portrayed. If you offer plenty of options and are open with addresses, telephone numbers and such, then it gives an air of transparency and honesty about your business. While omitting that information from your site, it could look like you have something to hide.

A good feature to allow people to get in touch is integrating a contact form into your contact page. This is easy to do and most professional website builders will allow you to do this simply. There are many reasons why you should integrate a contact form into your page, and it can be beneficial to your business.

Reduce Your Spam

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Firstly, it will significantly reduce the amount of spam emails you get in comparison to leaving your email address on your contact page. Spambots will scrape websites looking for email addresses.

You may sometimes get spam through a contact form, however it is easy to remedy by adding in a CAPTCHA form to ensure the person trying to get in touch is human.

Keep Track Of Emails

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The nature of contact forms means that you can track the enquiries you’re receiving a lot more easily. That’s because the tech behind contact forms will store all the details and you’ll be able to do things like respond in bulk, mark certain enquiries as important etc.

Get More Leads

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For any business, getting leads is so important, and the ability to send you a quick message through a contact form will certainly bolster them in comparison with only leaving a telephone number or email address. It makes getting in touch much easier and is a huge reason to have a contact form on your site.

Build An Email Marketing List

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A contact form will allow you to store the email addresses of people who have got in touch. This is ideal for using as an email marketing list, just as long as you adhere to all GDPR regulations.

The importance of this is massive, as it will allow you to retarget them for their custom and boost sales significantly.

Of course, there are many other reasons as to why you would integrate a contact form into a contact page, but that isn’t the only thing that makes a contact page important. A solid contact page should also include where they can find you, particularly if you are a store.

Integrating elements such as maps will allow people to easily find you to speak in person, with many website builders now allowing you to include Google Maps with locations embedded into them.

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Furthermore, you may wish to include an FAQ section as often you’ll receive the same questions over and over from people. By including either a link to an FAQ page or placing FAQs on your contact page will save both yourself and readers time, and in any business time is money.

A contact page should include all these elements, and should you do that, you’ll be offering up a more transparent, more engaging brand with solid customer service, and that’s what any potential customer wants to see.

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