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140+ Best Funny Shirt Ideas of 2012

So here we are again, since you guys loved the last few collections of creative and funny shirts we had found, then you will love these even harder (or just as hard)! These shirts would make a freaking epic gift for any geek. Whether you are actually looking for funny geek shirts to buy, or for some ideas for your next design, or maybe even make your own shirt, whatever you are doing, I hope you get inspired by these clever shirt ideas and let them grow your imagination! Whatever you do with the awesome inspiration here, I hope you Enjoy it!

Behold, Creative Shirt Ideas

LOL (if you don’t get this one, Disney recently bought LucasFilms)

LoL fantasy football

For the love of god, watch out for that triangle!

OMG. Someone make this bacon printer a reality! cuz BACON!


This one is awesome, so many childhood memories of those water guns haha

Ohh god. so awesome. nostalgi…boner…achieved.

Lulz, defective.

Haha software pirate – thats clever.

PORTAL. Want. Gift me anything portal. lol

LOL Much to learn you still have, ninja kittehs

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What was your favorite shirt design? Do you have a favorite funny or geeky shirt to share with us? Maybe you got an awesome shirt as a gift recently? Let us know in the comments below! Thanks For Reading!

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