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5 Web Design Breakthroughs Designers Are Having A Hard Time Coping With

The whiplash speed of technology is squeezing double doses of creativity among designers, but I don’t think it’s a bad thing. More and more people are pushed off of their mediocre lives because the world is slowly becoming an educated crowd – thanks to the internet. On the flipside, the people who are trying to make it happen must stay ahead, but here are 5 webdesign breakthroughs that make their feet heavy:

Responsive Web Design

30+ Responsive Web Design Tutorials

Before, there were only 2 screen sizes – PC and Mobile. Now, we’ve got Smart TVs, ipads, ipad minis, smart phones the list goes on and on. Website designers already had quite the workload, but now they surely have their work cut out for them. It is almost demanded of designers to optimize each website layout for universal access in all internet capable devices. More and more people are browsing the net through smart devices, hence the demand for responsive layouts cannot be ignored. This is a tall order that keeps web designers burning the midnight oil… but they must work on it.

Aesthetics vs. Practicality

When Is A Web Design Usable Yet Aesthetically Inclined?

In the advent of a visual world, designers must continue to enrich their creative innovation to continue attracting clients. There are so many advancements in the design world that it’s enough to occupy your day. It is indispensible – aesthetics is the very heartbeat of a website. Steve Jobs knew just how paramount visual appearance is in regards to branding, that’s why Apple and all their visual get-ups were so successful. The caveat is that web designers must achieve a balance between creatively forward ideas and practicality. Simplicity is still the leading trend, but simple doesn’t mean boring.


What You Need to Know About Usability

Designers must optimize a site to have aesthetics, responsive web design and on top of that, it has to be user friendly. This is also paramount because you can distract people with shiny, luster things, but ultimately you have to cut to the chase. We live in a rushed society. Hence, websites must be easy to navigate. For webdesigners, it means innovative solutions – social media apps, RSS feeds and multiple optimized search friendly pages. A solution for huge amounts of archived information would be to implement site searches and organize content into categories, sub-categories, even sub-sub categories if you will.

Retina Display

Designing for Retina display

There is continued debate about whether or not to put high-resolution graphics in websites because it takes time to load. But Apple has developed what they call Retina Display which is described as “liquid crystal displays which have a high enough pixel density that the human eye is unable to notice pixelation at a typical viewing distance”. This is great news for mobile surfers because it is an innovation towards a better “small screen” viewing experience. Apple has been setting trends for years now, and this is sure to be followed by Apple’s competitors. Therefore, webdesigners must be able to create dynamic high and low resolution pages that can be viewed by both low-end devices, and retina display capable gadgets.

The Work Never Stops

The Best Way To Fight Work Burnout? Work With Inspiring People!

2012 brought with it the death of 5 page websites. Online marketing demands that there be innovations, and fresh content on the regular. Web designers no longer have one-time-payment-then-goodbye jobs. Now there is a continuous need for their services. Businesses have to make sure that they stay relevant in their niche, which calls for the need to regularly update their website. The good news is that there’ll be less starving artists, and the downside means another increase in their workload.

The human race is always hunting for ways to move forward. Who knows what the future brings? Who will be the next Steve Jobs? You never know who’s going to grab the torch and blaze a trail for new technology – you can be sure though, that the world is waiting.

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