9 Ways To Make Your Customers Happy [Infographic]

You know what’s a lot of money? $83bn is a lot of money! And that’s just how much American business is losing each year due to bad customer service.

If you think that saving that $83bn by concentrating on ‘good customer service’ is a reasonable idea – imagine how much more money you could make if you dedicated yourself to excellent customer service. Nine out of ten customers say they would pay more for a better customer experience. And who are we to ignore the guy who’s holding the wallet?

Get that money back!

Of course, deciding to work towards excellence and actually transforming it into results are two different things. If you’re hardworking, dedicated, but product-focused, you may not even know what good customer service truly means. If you believe your business flair is firmly backroom stuff, then you either need to expand your game – or expand your team. Because excellent customer service involves a major investment of time and effort.

Customer Service Stats: 55% of Consumers Would Pay More for a Better Service Experience

What makes it such an investment – and what makes it worthwhile – is that you are no longer dealing with objects, or nodes in a transaction network. You’re dealing with real live people, and you’re nurturing relationships. These valuable, intangible associations create a whole new dimension for your business. They open up a dialogue in which you can get to the heart of what your customers really want, and how they want it. They buy you some space in which you can experiment, and even – from time to time – fail. They prevent you from becoming just another listing on a price comparison site.

A new infographic from Headway Capital explores some straightforward, achievable methods of building these relationships, even if you don’t believe that this area is your strong point. Get these under your belt, and you’ll soon find that business takes on a new dimension, and your mind opens to ever-new ways to give your customers the human value they desire. And if that happens to lead to a significant upturn in revenue – well, it can’t be bad at all.


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