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5 Must Have Time Tracking Software Modules

Professionals need effective software to monitor their time. Time tracking software builds trust between these professionals and their clients. Such tools also simplify the professional’s HR needs. As a specialized professional, including doctors, lawyers and consultants who are choosing a time tracking solution, you might wonder what other services your software should include. Time tracking software offers different modules that support their main function. To get the most out of time tracking, you need to pick a program with the right modules. Read below to discover the time tracking software modules your program must have.

Invoice Production

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Your time tracking software should have an invoice production module. This module takes your time data and produces a professional invoice. As a professional, the main way you bill clients is by invoice so that your clients know how many billable hours they are paying for. This module does the invoice building work for you, saving you time. For example, a lawyer time tracking software calculates the pay for the hours you worked. It can also handle expense reports, taxes, and other calculations needed for billing. Once produced, you have a professional invoice to bill your clients.

Integrated Time Off Management

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Many time tracking software can manage paid time off. Paid time off is billable hours when you can’t work, such as sick or personal days. These periods can be tricky for you to manage as a self employed professional. If paid time off isn’t carefully tracked, you could accidentally report inaccurately to your clients. You need to pay attention to your own time and attendance throughout the month. Using your software to track and organize this time off will assure clients that your paid time off is above board. This module also ensures that you get all the paid time off you are owed by a client.

Flexible Logging

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Your software should let you log and track your time anywhere. Some tracking programs offer mobile services. This allows you to clock in and out on your phone. This is a great feature if you are traveling between meetings or to various client sites. A flexible logging module will also let you clock in offline. Some programs always need you linked to the internet in order to track your work hours. The flexible logging module tracks your hours on the device and updates the system when you are online again. This means you can go anywhere your work takes you and not worry about losing your time tracker.

Task Tracking

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For most professionals, a task tracking module will be very useful. This module lets you track the time of individual jobs and tasks. This is invaluable for a professional business that has several projects going on simultaneously. You can divide you work hours between multiple clients without concern of overlap. Naturally, you may serve multiple clients a day, jumping from one task to another. A good time tracking software will help you stay on task. It could even keep you from spending time on apps that kill your time. Surely, this module keeps up with your busy schedule and ensures that your clients are not billed incorrectly.

Performance Analytics

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A performance analytics module can tell you more than just how many hours you worked. This module tracks all sorts of work-related data. It can keep track of how long you work on each task. It can also determine when you work the hardest in a month or a year. It can even let you know when the work clock is running, but you aren’t using your computer for work. When combined, the time management software will reports to draw insights from your activities. With all of this data, you can find out how you spend your time and make adjustments to become more productive. Furthermore, you can understand your business and improve processes to your practices overall.

A few modules will turn your time tracking software from useful to essential. Internal invoice production can save you time producing accurate and professional bills for your clients. Time off management ensures that you get all the paid time off you are owed, without risking fraud. Flexible logging lets you start the work clock anywhere, online or off. Task tracking lets you easily divide your work hours between separate clients. Performance analytics shows you what your work habits are, so you can study them. With these modules, your professional business will have the tools to be a success in a modern marketplace.

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