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The Dangers of the Dark Web

It’s not much of a secret that the dark web is a fairly unsavory place. After all, it typically appears in the news in connection to cyber crimes, narcotics arrests, and black market weapon trades. The dark web truly isn’t a place where you should tread lightly. Not only are there inherent risks to accessing it in the first place, but you’ll quickly find yourself brushing elbows with some of the internet’s shadier characters. Even if you are a seasoned cyber security professional, it’s never a good idea to underestimate the many dangers accessing the dark web.

Malware at every turn

Malware targeting cash machines fetches top dollar on dark web

If you enjoy a virus-free computer with no major malware complications, the dark web isn’t the place for you. Unless you’re incredibly well-versed in cybersecurity and know exactly what precautions to take, accessing sites across the dark web might render your computer unusable as a result of malware you’ve picked up. The primary network used for dark web access, The Onion Router (TOR), is frequently plagued with sites loaded with malware. Though the relative anonymity of dark web applications might be tempting, it’s not worth it for the damages they can cause.

You’re being watched

MJDorian – Lazarus 2.0 (Official Video)

One of the main reasons users turn to the dark web is that they believe it allows them to surf all manner of unindexed sites anonymously. It’s a draw for individuals who dislike state censorship regulations and government-facilitated laws that restrict internet access. Many prominent whistleblowers make use of the dark web to disseminate their information as well, hoping that its innate re-routing processes make them harder to trace. As it happens, not everyone is as well hidden as you’d think.

Law enforcement personnel are developing means to track activities across the dark web and if they’re able to do so, you can certainly bet that less desirable users are as well. If the mere thought of having a stranger monitor your every online move doesn’t unsettle you, perhaps nothing on the dark web will. However, it’s better not to risk your private information in the first place.

Going phishing

The Dark Web is Democratizing Cybercrime

Even in your daily web browsing, you’re likely to come across a handful of phishing scams. These deceptive tactics are developed to pry login information, credit card numbers, and other personal details away from you by posing as legitimate requests from friends, family, or coworkers. Imagine that on an exponential level and you have an idea of what the dark web is like. Bad actors on the dark web have sophisticated means to compromise your sensitive information.

The threat of identity theft and financial exploitation is all too real across parts of the dark web. If have a business and you want to combat these threats on your own, you’re taking on unnecessary risk and setting yourself up for potential disaster. If you absolutely must access information stored deeper in the web, it’s best to rely on dark web tools to get the job done for you. Don’t compromise yourself in the process.

At the end of the day, there’s a reason the dark web is called, well, dark. It’s earned its current reputation and while there are some who argue that its methods for navigating censorship restrictions make it worth investigating, it’s ultimately not a safe place for a even a seasoned cyber security professional to venture. This is one place on the internet that has a large, metaphorical “do not enter” sign hanging above it.

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