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The Truth About Marijuana ― Who Actually Works Better on It?

Attitudes toward marijuana are softening in many places. Now, major considerations are being made is whether it’s a good idea to consider allowing marijuana in the workplace, much like regular cigarette smoking. The truth is that drugs at work have been part of American history since the early days of the nation.

Part of the shifts in attitude has to do with how the definition of “illicit” changes from one generation to the next. In the late 1800s, cocaine was used as an anesthetic and stimulant. Air Force pilots have been known to use amphetamines to help them stay alert when they fly for long periods of time.

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There are also certain professions that are generally associated with drug use and certain drugs in particular. Wall Street is known for cocaine and depicted being used frequently in many movies and TV shows about the subject. Different types of athletic sports are associated with steroids and testosterone use. Marijuana is known to be commonly used by creative people.

Even outside of the workplace, drugs are a significant part of the lives of many people. It has been known to even prevent depression, according to

There are definite advantages to using marijuana, but there are also disadvantages. It works for some applications and fails miserably for others. The trick is to know which is which. Here are a few pros and cons of using marijuana on the job.

Marijuana Is Great for Brainstorming

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If your work is of a creative nature, and you need to brainstorm often, then marijuana is a drug you should consider taking.

Whether you’re an author who needs to get past writer’s block or a musician who needs to find the lyrics for your next song, then marijuana can prove quite helpful when it comes to focusing on specific thoughts and emotions. The main link between marijuana and productivity is the boost it gives one in personal creativity.

The chemicals found in marijuana, known as cannabinoids, tend to cause our neurons to fire all at once. The result is that our thoughts and emotions are magnified, and we fixate on them for long periods before we’re hijacked by the next thought or emotion that comes along.

If you need to focus intensely on a single thought or problem that you’ve been wrestling with for a while, especially if it is a creative problem, then marijuana can come to your rescue.

In any situation where ideas are in high demand, whether you’re working alone or in a group, marijuana will help you take the necessary tangents and think laterally so that the most obscure of ideas can be elucidated and presented to the group.

In cases where you’re working on a group project, make sure the rest of the team is fine with you smoking marijuana. The last thing you want is the authorities called on you or management involved over a misunderstanding.

Marijuana Is Relaxing

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Marijuana helps you sleep since it puts you in a state of relaxation and euphoria. If your job is especially demanding, then anxiety is the norm, and you will experience plenty of it while doing your work. You might even be so stressed that there are times when you can’t sleep because you have too much work to catch up on or because you can’t get any sleep.

Stress is something that we all go through no matter what we do. It can come from work, school, money, relationships or just general anxiety about what the future holds. When you reach the extreme of anxiety, it can get very hard to work or do anything meaningful or productive. That’s when you need to relax or decompress ― in a sense.

Weed can help you decompress. It slows down your brain so that it isn’t racing by at the speed of light, thinking a million thoughts at once. It helps you to focus on one or two thoughts that matter and to stop taking yourself seriously after all. It even helps you get a well-deserved and much-needed nap. By the time you’re up again, you’ll be refreshed completely and ready to face your work or study with fresh eyes and a fresh perspective.

In other words, marijuana is great for those moments when you want to switch your brain off completely or at least slow it down a little. It helps to relax and rejuvenate you, allowing you to come back ready for the task before you.

Marijuana Can Be Expensive

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This is especially so if you’re still a student in college. Even if you don’t have many expenses because you still live with your parents, most of your time will be taken up by classes, and you won’t have much left over to work part-time.

Spending money on marijuana can eat into your financial reserves, especially in places where weed is low on supply and, therefore, understandably expensive. If you’re going to start using weed for its benefits, then you’re going to have to use it regularly, which means it’s going to become a regular expense. You have to be sure you’re ready to sustain this new kind of expense. Also, spending money on marijuana means you’ll also be spending money on food because of the “munchies” that come with weed.

It’s Not Good for Highly Coordinated Work

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If you’re driving, flying a plane or playing sports like tennis that require a great deal of coordination, then marijuana will do more harm than good. Marijuana relaxes your mind and tends to make you fixate on a single thought at a time. That’s good for creativity but not good for coordination when you need to do and think about many things at the same time.

Marijuana Is Only Good in Measured Doses

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Just because marijuana can help you in some ways doesn’t mean you should take a truckload of it. If taken in very high doses, marijuana can negatively impact your short term memory, also known as working memory. That means you shouldn’t take a lot of it when studying for your exams. In fact, anything that needs you to use a lot of your working memory shouldn’t be prefaced by a large dose of marijuana.

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