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What is a Good Strategy for Paying off Debt?

It has been said that no business survives without incurring debt. Others have even stated, “There is no ‘big’ business out there that is debt-free”. While this may be an exaggeration, it does emphasize how loans play a crucial role in the survival of any business. Whether it is to expand operations, to purchase equipment, increase working capital or just to cover operational costs, a loan can supply you with necessary funds in no time. Most businesses exist today because they were initially funded by a loan to start with. 

When there not enough funds in the business to meet certain important expenses or to support certain business ventures, a loan becomes a solution. Obviously, after a while, the debts have to be paid back – or there could be serious consequences. Therefore, start-ups need to figure out a way (ahead of time) of how they are going to pay back the debts. This article will focus on what businessmen and women most who own small businesses and start-ups can pay off their debt securely and efficiently. Abiding by the loan requirements and staying clear of penalties. 

Cut unnecessary expenditures

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This could be the easiest and yet a very difficult strategy to undertake. Things that may seem financially unnecessary could have personal attachments. In this strategy, self-discipline is key. It may demand will power and overall strong character to willingly push aside things could have well been personally comforting for the sake of your business. 

The little bucks you save, over accumulate to huge amounts over time. This is one of the very effective ways to hassle to clear that debt. Ultimately, self-discipline and consistency may be key to clearing your debt.

Cutting unnecessary business spending can help by allowing you to apply those dollars towards paying down your debt right away.

Consider debt conciliation

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This is a very useful option for debt clearance because it has several advantages. First, it gives you better management over your debts. Instead of being obligated to several lenders at different payment schedules, you may put all your debts in one basket and be obligated to only one lender like Instant Loan with only one payment schedule to attend to. Besides, this method offers the possibility of refinancing your debts, that is, lowering your interest rates and even extending your payment period. This will enable you to raise your working capital along with reducing the amount of money borrowed. It is one of the best options out there.

Cut charitable giving

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When your business is facing financial hard times, you may have to stop giving unnecessary discounts and eliminate your charitable giving, at least temporarily. Wanting to help others is a noble character and an admirable trait. However, sometimes you have to think of your own business’ needs. When you free up extra dollars, it can help you get those debts paid off and ease your stress and tension. Once your debts are cleared, you can go back to giving to others – with an even better commitment than before.

Make a plan to increase your revenues

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There is always something that can be done to generate some extra revenues to help you pay a business debt quickly. When you are going through a financial crisis, it is important to be very careful who can be made privy to this information. Costumers become very wary when they are aware that they are dealing with a business that is in a financial crisis. Word of mouth can travel fast, and if you give even a hint that you are having any financial difficulties, it could hurt your business sales, contracts, and other agreements. That being said, you need to come up with a plan to help you increase your revenue so you can get the debt paid off fast. Here are some ideas that could help

Make a business budget

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A business budget has plenty of advantages; another advantage that you may have not heard of is that the business budget may help clear your debt. If you don’t already have one, it could be one of the reasons you are in a financial pickle. Gather all of your bills and start with those that can’t be eliminated if you want to stay in business. Next, add the others you consider necessary. Build your budget from here and put as much money as you can afford toward paying off your business debt.

Keep in touch with your creditors

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Another effective way of getting your business debt down is to call your business creditors to see if they will work with you. Creditors can be very useful in resolving debt. Make a habit of inquiring any leniencies, or special conditions that may work in your favor. For instance, your credit card company may be open to lower your credit card interest rate over some agreements. You may be surprised at the options that can be made available to you by your creditors. 


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Every business owner who has a debt at any financial institution is interested in lowering that amount. This sometimes feels like a tough task that demands significant incomes to start with. However, as we have just seen, some of the ways to lower your debt may just involve a phone call with some creditors. It is also important to remember that while every business owner strives to be debt-free and financially independent as possible. Lenders have a system (schedule) for collecting back their money and sometimes paying too soon may cost the business owner some extra money. These are prepayment penalties; you may have to check with your lender for more information on these. 

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