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4 Potential Benefits of Having a Toll Free 800 Phone Number for Your Business

Many companies, both big and small, have been employing the use of toll-free lines for decades. The reason for this is that it allows them to keep their costs low while at the same time having the ability to reach out to more potential clients. With the advancement of technology and telecommunications over recent years, there have been many companies that now offer their clients improved services. Instead of only offering cold, unproductive phone services, they are also able to provide useful, interactive services. Customers enjoy being able to talk to a live person when they called. They also appreciate the fact that they can call during the middle of the night or on a weekend without feeling like their call is being ignored. 

The popularity of toll-free numbers has only increased over the years, and there are so many companies like now offering these services. If you have yet to join the phenomenon, some of the major benefits of a toll-free number for your business include:

1. It Can Increase Your Customer Base

When you offer this type of service to your customers, you’re also potentially increasing your customer base. With more people using cell phones and having access to the Internet than ever before, there are a lot of potential customers out there who are now able to find and contact your business more easily. 

Offering this type of service gives you a way to attract new customers and retain your current ones—your customer base will increase because of the improved customer service you can now offer. Note that in business, good customer service is always key to keeping clients happy. The more pleased your current customers are, the higher the chances for them also to recommend your business with others and to stay a loyal customer. 

2. It Keeps Your Personal Number Private

Gone are the days when you would have to post your personal cellphone number online just for customers to have a phone number to contact even beyond office hours. Apart from this being an invasion of your privacy, you don’t want to keep working even beyond office hours. Once your business is closed for the day, you’ve also got to give yourself that time to rest and enjoy the company of your family.

 Now, with a toll-free number, you don’t have to choose between giving out your personal number and losing business. Most importantly, you can finally give yourself that much-needed rest. The call service company or provider of your toll-free number can be the one to address the calls on your behalf.

3. It Increases Your Business’ Productivity

Another great benefit is that you’re going to be able to increase your business’ productivity and reach. When people have the option to call your company from anywhere, it means they’ll have more opportunities to make business deals or request more services. You don’t always have the opportunity to meet people face to face, so you need to keep your communication lines open.

Moreover, if you utilize an automated response system, you can filter out simple and easy requests that can be handled by the system and reserve your time for customers with more complicated issues or requests. With saved travel and extraneous appointment times, you can now focus on other important tasks of your business’ day-to-day operations rather than always be pressed for time whenever the phone rings.

4. It’s Cost-Effective

Toll-free numbers are cost-effective both for the customer and your business.

First, for your business, it doesn’t take much to set up the whole system. Thanks to this technological advancement, there are now so many systems in place that offer even more competitive deals. After installation, you don’t have to spend a lot of money on maintaining the system. You’ll only have to pay for the upkeep itself, and the costs are also fixed. This is unlike a manual phone line where you’d have to pay for the salaries of the people manning the phone on top of the costs of keeping up your subscription with the phone company.

As to your customers, a toll-free line is also more cost effective because they don’t have to pay to call your business should they have any issues. The last thing that customers want is to have to pay for a call, which can potentially be long and costly, to fix an issue that will possibly cost them money anyway. 


There are many other benefits of a toll-free number for business, but these are just a few of the main ones. With so much competition out there, you’ll need every advantage possible to succeed in the business world. Using a phone that allows you to offer your customers a telephone number without having to pay for one is definitely an advantage. When it comes to small businesses, having a way to reach out to your customers and have them be able to reach you is important to make the most of your business.

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