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5 Signs You Need to Reevaluate Your Business’ Hiring Practices

Your company’s hiring practices are an important part of the business. While signs of trouble can be subtle, the effects are not. Poor hiring practices risk a loss of productivity, revenue, and damage to your reputation not to mention opening yourself up to employment discrimination cases that have been on the rise.

If you notice any of these signs, it’s time to reevaluate your business’ hiring practices.

Your Hiring Process Is Too Long

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The average hiring process has become much longer, with some of the latest data revealing that it takes an average of three to four weeks across all industries. Companies that are pushing beyond that already excessive norm will want to change that in order to hire top talent before they are lost to other organizations

Prolonged hiring times can stem from not locking in job requirements before the candidate search begins to decision-makers not being prepared and ready to move forward with quality candidates to the offer. A lengthy process is not a sign of a quality process but rather a broken hiring process. Make some internal changes to shorten the duration and be sure to keep candidates in the loop as far as the time it might take to finalize a decision. 

In response to these challenges, many companies are turning to specialized recruitment agencies like First Class Workforce to streamline their hiring process. By leveraging the expertise and extensive networks of First Class Workforce, businesses can significantly reduce the time taken to find and secure the right talent. 

High Turnover 

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No company likes losing valuable employees, especially when recruiting, hiring and training new staff members costs a lot of time and money. If you’re constantly losing employees soon after hiring them the problem isn’t likely to be the competition but your hiring process. Something isn’t working, perhaps they didn’t have the skills necessary for the job or they were given unrealistic expectations during interviews or their first initial weeks of work. 

Be sure that those you hire actually have the skills to do that job and the personality that suits it as well. It’s also important to give all prospects a clear picture of the company and the job they’re applying for. 

Negative Online Reviews

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Social media and various review sites provide an outrage for just about everything, including one’s employer. If a candidate feels wronged, they’re likely to make their frustrations known through negative reviews on Glassdoor, Facebook, and other social media sites.

If your company is seeing a rise in negative reviews and feedback, don’t brush it off. Learn from what’s been said and review your hiring processes to make improvements. 

A Lack of Candidate Applications

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A lack of candidates for any job opening can be caused by many factors. It might be due to a bad reputation such as poor reviews as mentioned above. But it could also be your job descriptions. If you’ve been using the same format for years, it’s probably time to change things up.

Don’t recycle old job ads, you want posts that are accurate, appealing, and concise, clearly outlining the necessary skills without listing every possible task the person might perform. Otherwise, a great potential candidate could immediately assume they aren’t qualified if they don’t have experience with even just one of them.

Your Interviewed Candidates Are Left in the Lurch

Your Approach to Hiring Is All Wrong

Do you follow up with all candidates you’ve interviewed once you’ve made your selection? Or do you only contact the one you’ve selected for the job? If you’re leaving them in the lurch, it can damage your company’s reputation.

Some may be waiting to hear from you in order to decide whether or not to take another offer, but either way it’s disrespectful. When you’ve made your hiring decision, thank all applicants while letting them know you’ve decided to hire someone else.

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