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4 Methods To Bring In Customers During That Tough Startup Phase

It’s not easy in the modern business world. We can find that we are more focused on saving more money rather than developing a proper product. For any business during that all-important startup phase, the most difficult component is about getting the customers. This means that you’ve got to find different ways to market your business, but also go beyond the obvious. What does it really take to get customers during a difficult startup phase? 

Going “Cold”

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A lot of people think that a cold email to a potential customer is not going to instigate a response, but the fact is that while there are many direct mail marketing resources out there doing this, making sure you are appealing to people within this context is all to do with how you word your email. If you do not know how to write good cold emails, it is a skill that you can benefit from. A good cold email avoids generic wording, doesn’t sound salesy, and is not begging the recipient for a reply. They are usually to the point, conversational, and leave the ball in their court by asking for a call to action. 

Finding the Right Environment on the Internet

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Online communities are one of the best ways to find like-minded people. Ultimately, your goal is to find like-minded people because they are more inclined to get your product. And this is where platforms like Quora and Reddit can be very useful. Most people can spot a very salesy post from a mile off, this is why you’ve got to be more conversational in tone. If you are scouring these forums, you will find customers, but you will also get invaluable advice from the ground floor. 


Making Your Business Blog Work

We are all aware of how a blog can be a great way to a customer’s heart. There are many reasons to start a blog, but remember, blogs are about sparking trust and authenticity. It is a long-term strategy, and it will drive traffic, but remember that blogging has to remain true in its tone. 

Straying Close to Home

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You should always ask your current network of friends or family, and their friends and family. While it may not be a huge amount of people, there are a number of interesting connections you will make among your friends and family. Additionally, they are more inclined to give you an honest answer with regards to a product. This means you could evaluate their pain points. And when you start to understand the pain points people are experiencing with your business concept, you are getting fantastic market research for free. You are, of course, not obliged to listen to the feedback, but it is best that you do because you will not get feedback in this manner again. Additionally, you could look for other business owners that have an existing customer base, and slowly build out your network. 

As you can see, getting customers during the difficult startup phase is going to be a considerable challenge. The product needs to be right, but without the right people, it is worth nothing.

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