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The 15 Best Web Design eBooks of 2015

The web design industry is an exciting one to work in. There is always something new to learn and ways to expand your skills. The challenge for many designers, however,


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Do Freelance Designers Really Need Insurance?

Insurance is one of those things you don’t want to think about (let alone shell out money for), but is exactly the thing you find yourself turning to when catastrophe


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How To Properly Charge Your Design Clients

A lot of people feel uncomfortable talking about money, even in those situations where they have every reason to, like wanting to get paid for services rendered. If you’re a


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Know Your Options For Website Creation

When it comes to website building, you could be creating one for a wide variety of reasons. Websites are diverse, highly customizable, and can be relatively simple to set up,


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Friday Design Deal – 590+ Handcrafted Icons & Ribbon/Badges Set – only $10!

Its FRIDAY! *throws hands in the air, as if I did not bother to contemplate the consequences* In celebration I have a deal for you guys! What is it? Icons.


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30 Great Web Apps for Freelancer Productivity

Best Apps List for Productivity As a freelancer, it’s tough sometimes to stay productive, and you can often waste hours of time on simple tasks like managing a to-do list,


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Here There Be Dragons! Dealing with Nightmare Clients & Challenges As A Freelance Designer

In the great fantastic world of design, professionals are like knights, claiming prizes and rewards while fighting fierce dragons and vanquishing evil foes. At least, we think ourselves kin to


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Creative Interview w/ The Obox Team aka @obox @marcperel & @natperel

1. Tell us about yourself! The name is David Perel, 24 years old, born and live in South Africa. I’m the designer at Obox Design which is a family business